Be Aware Of

Hassan Raza

Dear Elders And Youngers.
I Am Going To Tell You My Story. I Have An Account On Etoro. Some Day One Of The User There Told Me About The After Detailed Talk With Him I've Decided To Open An Managed Forex Account With Those People. This Is The Point Of My Mistake. Let Me Tell You Before Opening The Account There I Have Used To Read Fourms About Those People. I Remember There Were Fews Posts About Which Were Showing Not To Do Business With Them. But I Did. I've Joined With Them On 25th January 2011 With 5168 Usd And You Will Not Believe On 2nd Of February 2011. When I Saw My Account It Was Showing 7.94 Dollars. I Can Provide You My Account Statement. Then I Tried To Talk With Them Through Yahoo Messenger. Before I Said Some Thing He Told Me He Want To Talk With Me. And In A Very Simple Way He Told Me We Have Lost Account. It Was Very Shocking Movement For Me. But I Already Knew About The Status My Account. I Asked Him What Happened Exactly He Told Me. Because Of The Egypt Crisis. Imagen What Kind Of Answer Is This. Otherside You Are Promising With People 30% 60% Of Profit. And You Have Professional Account Managers Which Deals With Your Account. And They Take Care Of Your Account With Low Loss Preroties.

One More Thing Before This Case When I Asked Them About The Forms, That The People Are Saying You Are Scamer. He Told Me Those Are Their Enimies Who Are Posting Those Comments Because They Are Feeling Jelious. Because Of Our Performance. Its Not Easy To Say Crisis If You Are Professional. I Asked Him, You Told Me That You Are Professional People And When You Aware All Of This Egypt Crisis Then Why You Did Not Stop The Trading For Few Days. Then From Other Side No Answer. I've Lost All My Money. But For The People Who Are Near To Join Those People I Will Only Request Be Aware Of Those People. I Am Not A Hired Person And I Am Not Writing Intensionally. I Know I Have To Die One Day. Its 100 % Truth Which I Am Writing. One Is David And Other One Is Abdel, Both Of Them They Are Stupids Who Even Dont Know How To Trade. How To Adjust Stoploss Etc. It Was My Story. For The Proof I Can Provide You My Account Statement Of Those Days. And I Can Show You The Agreement Which I Have Made With Them.