Be careful in the financial market there are many scammers


Hello I take this space to be prevented, this world as many know is full of scammers, a few weeks ago my best friend was a victim of who calls himself Philippe Ballesio, you sell a thousand wonders Cryptomt4 and Btcmt4, and ended up staying with all their investment is now desalinated, but it is that one should not trust anyone, we must be very careful with our capital. Thanks for the space and I hope it helps you. A greeting.
I learn a lot from forex market , when I was new many things were hidden for me. Then I know about scammers and gradually find best broker for me than I avoid automated trading because I waste a lot of amount and get nothing good from automated trading. I now rely my own trading done manually. I divide my capital in 2 or 3 accounts so that I will not put all in risk in any one account.
No doubt in financial matters there are lot of scammers. Different types of scams can thief you. First scam can be a broker like non trusted or regulated brokers steal your money , then many mentors are there who show they will make profit for you but actually they will misuse your account.
Everyone should be aware of scams and not get in this kinds of situations in the first place, because this goes on in various fields of life, not just finance. Can´t stress enough the importance of doing your research before you give your money to anyone or anything. If something seems too good to be true, trust me, it most likely is.
More than one third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees, according to a new report from F-Secure.Phishing scams continue to evolve and be a significant online threat for both users and organizations that could see their valuable data in the hands of malicious actors.
Unfortunately scammers can be found everywhere. This is why I find very important to increase awareness of such cases and to be able to understand when somebody is trying to scam you. Before somebody makes any move it is better to spend some time in order to check that person or a company
There are bad people in every sector of life. You just can't trust anybody with your eyes closed. You need to keep your eyes open and don't just invest in something that you don't have much knowledge about. What do you think guys? Have you ever been scammed?
Check for the reputation before investing hard earned money, preferred not to go behind those who promises which offer getting rich right over the night just by investing with them.
Certainly one of the first things to do is not only to check for reputation but also how long your broker is operating on the market as well as, experiences from other people. It is always better to stick with legitimate brokers and businesses then experimenting with potential scammers
Scammers are everywhere, and what matters is how you learn the market and how to avoid falling prey to scam. Scammers are found everywhere, which is very unfortunate since most new traders do not know how to identify scam until it's too late