and (MARK HUNT)


One of the broker from by name MARK HUNT, encouraged me to invest using as the platform. I deposited 2600 USD and after profits my net amount available is now 3100 plus. Now when I requested for withdrawal of 1000, MARK HUNT refused as he dont want to miss his bonus. After constant calls and literally begging to him he accepted for 300. Then I submitted my withdrawal request to but every time I requested I got a rejected mail. After several mails the lady at informed that they have serious issues with their website and they are fixing it and soon they will refund the money.

I waited for 2 weeks still nothing happened.

After several attempts and mails my manager MARK HUNT finally answered to me. He was again persuading me to invest more even though I reminded him that my withdrawal requests are still pending. Then he assured me that he will try to contact for this soon.

After that today I contacted and they informed me that they havent spoken to Mark. Proving that Mark was lying all the time.

Then today morning he was very upset with me texting that one of his colleague who is working at FPA informed him about my review here.

After that there was no response from him or BeCFD.
It's possible someone in advertising contact them. The ad people are always checking to see which companies want banners or offer affiliate programs. I get veto power over those before any deals are closed.

I can't say it's impossible that someone from the ad department mentioned the company had a complaint. If so, that was done to suggest the company deal with the issue. The FPA never "fixes" reviews or forums posts because a company finds a client complaints to be inconvenient. Tell Mark to come here if he thinks he's got some special way to manipulate one word of what's posted on the FPA site and I'll explain reality to him.