BECFD-Withdrawals not possible- Seems like Frauds

BeCFD is a owned by BO Trader Podgorica Montenegro. Their aim is to make money instead of paying it out to customers.Therefore do never expect any more being paid out by this company. These people are nice and friendly as long as you pay them. If you want your money back the story will change immediately. Just bear in mind BO Trade belongs to the Mafia of Montenegro. If you take a lawyer to sue these people your lawyer is at risk to be murdered by a hired killer. THis means BeCFD is a good company for trading as long as you pay them. However, never, ever dare to ask them for a payout of your profits. THat would annoy these people a lot, because they need your money for themselves and paying commissions to their highly qualified fake account Managers like Jane Morgan and Nick Young who are excellent liars.