(Rob Hoffman)


I've already posted a review here:

Become A Bettertrader | Forex Education Course Reviews | Forex Peace Army

So I won't repeat all of that again. But here's a summary:

I signed up / paid for a month membership to the live trading room, immediately realised it wasn't what I thought it was, asked for a refund, was ignored.

The key issue are:
1) in the live trading room, Rob hardly spends any time on currencies. He comes up often in Google / Youtube when searching for "forex" related terms, which is how I found him. That, combined with no information on his site about what instruments he focuses on led me to believe he's a "forex" guy.

2) ignored for 3 weeks when I asked for a refund. Then, at the end of the month they finally replied saying no refunds. That's just not on.

3) if you don't use their indicators, (costing $2,000!) then you're at a disadvantage because Rob explains his entry and exist decisions based on those indicators.

I actually only realised about point (3) after my original complaint that he spends little time on forex was sent, and ignored, and concluded with a "no refunds" answer. But point (3) would actually be THE biggest reason I'd want a refund and is actually the biggest issue for potential customers.

Nowhere on the site does it explain how heavily Rob's trading decisions rely on the use of these expensive indicators, and I don't think any reasonable person would consider asking about how necessary the indicators are before signing up. On his site the indicators appear to just be an additional tool you can purchase if you want.

Had I known this there's no way I would have signed up as I'm not paying $2k for indicators just to get the full benefit of the live trading room. I assume I wouldn't have source code access anyway, meaning I'd never learn exactly how the indicators actually work. I use MT4 anyway and they don't have indicators for MT4.

Had they simply replied to me instead of ignoring me, perhaps I could have delayed my subscription until he spent more time on forex, or maybe I would have been interested in some of his other services. But they immediately took the position of "silence" which just rings alarm bells.

Rob clearly knows his stuff as he's won forex competitions, etc... and while not explaining what instruments he focuses on, and ignoring people for 3 weeks when they raise a concern would lead me to feel his service is a bit "slippery", the absence of any information about how necessary the expensive indicators are for the live trading room, leaves me with a much worse feeling... that Rob Hoffman's live trading room is a "scam".