Becoming a company representative in the FPA's forums and reviews

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Currently, registered as a company rep in the forums and in the reviews is separate. Someday, I hope to get those merged.


If you feel the need to leave a comment or rebuttal on a client review, you no longer need to submit a "no rating" review as a response. There is a much better way. As a company rep, your response can be attached directly to the review in question. This makes sure that if any other reviews came in, they won't get between the review itself and what you have to say.

As a company rep in the reviews, you can also submit and update your company's profile on your FPA review page.

To get registered as a company rep, visit your FPA review page. Click where it asks "Is This Your Site". Use an email address at the same domain that your review page refers to. This should keep anyone else from trying to impersonate you on your company's page.

You should get a confirmation email. Click on the link and you'll be all set. The next time you go to "Is This Your Site", you'll be able to login, submit a company profile, and submit comments or rebuttals to specific reviews.

If you encounter an issue getting registered, use the "Contact Us" link on your review page.

Companies with an FPA SCAM finding generally lose the privilege of having company reps. Companies that fail to follow the rules of civilized behavior can also lose this privilege.


Click the "Join Us Today" link on top of any page in the site. Please use an address at a website belonging to your company if possible. Once you have confirmed your registration, use the "Contact Us" link on any page in the website to notify the FPA that you've joined on behalf of your company. Someone here will modify your usertitle and rights so that everyone will know you really are the representative of your company when you post in the forums.

Forums reps are free to post in the forums thread linked to the company's review page. They are encouraged to respond to any complaints in the Scam Alerts folder. Company reps may also make commercial postings in the proper folders of the Commerce Zone, such as Press Releases.

Company reps may interact with users in Community forums and the Education forums. Be aware that any interactions in non-commercial areas of the forums must not be of a commercial nature unless special approval is given in advance. Otherwise, it only takes a few mouseclicks to ban an account and report the offending posts to Spam-O-Matic.

Discussions in the Scam Alerts folder can become heated. So far, the majority of company reps have behaved very well. A few haven't. Remember that you are representing your company and should act in a professional manner. You are expected to show a degree of civilized behavior at least as high as the typical forums member, if not higher. Accounts showing excessively uncivilized behavior get banned. Simple unprofessional or childish conduct won't get you banned, but will be left on display to warn readers what sort of people work at your company.

As a company rep, your actions always reflect on your company. Do the job well and you'll show others how good your company can be. Do it poorly and you'll be the one driving potential clients away.
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