Beginner need help and insight!!


Hello my fellow FPA members,

I am new to the whole Forex trading game. I have opened an account with a company based in London called Netotrade. I read what was said about the company here, and personally I am a little confused. To me the company seems legit (novice, so no real clue), and I have signed up for them to teach me to trade with a live and demo account. I also deposited $1000USD into the account. My question all of you is, was that a smart move signing up for a learning class/tutorial/walk-through with the company? Another question is what should my next step be (NOTE: i have not started trading yet but plan on doing so very soon; I want to learn first)? Also what companies/brokerages would you guys recommend to open an account with the offers some one on one classes on learning and then lets you trade with them/through them. Finally, and this one relates to the last question, what is a good place (website, company, actual workshop/classes) to learn to trade where I can benefit from the program?

Thank you all for reading this and helping me out I am greatful to all of you!!