Being scammed by Yamato Global

The Punisher

2nd Lieutenant
Hi Punisher, in my report and coordination with authorities, I learned about the following:

1. Yamato Global is not registered with Japan FSA. This entity is now listed in their watchlist.

2. Their modus operandi in Japan is to use bank accounts of individuals who sold it to them. Once money is deposited in the account, they just withdraw so they can afford to have the bank accounts frozen by the banks.

My question is my account with MetaTrader 5 seems still active. Is there a way to recover the money in there, or is that not real as well? Thank you.
You should contact your bank and report fraud as they might be able to do a chargeback depending upon when funds where wired. I also recommend to file an IC3 report with the FBI, report to the securities commission in your country and also file a local police report. What country are you from?