I would like to add an update on the wire transfer of funds from BelforFx. Indeed, funds were wired to me and returned - with a delay, in total of almost 2 weeks, indeed it was some issue with the PayPal. Being a new customer and not knowing the company, and off the USA's base, had been quite a nerve wrecking experience. But, all is good what ends good. I got the money, they got a bad review by me. Hope they will improve (they need to improve, it did not have to come to that). All tradings that I have done through BelforFX I have no complaints, in fact the free margin bonus is a very useful to have. It had saved some of my trades from the total loss. They could have offered an advise for novices like me on how to use the margin properly and I learned it a hard way. But, that I don't hold against them - I could have asked more questions, and they open for questions. All in all - they are a real company and operate like they are supposed - the financial sharks! That is their seas, and we have to watch for our tails.