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I have opened a real forex account in I told Herbert FLETCHER from BELFORFX that i would use an EA. They said everything is ok and i could start trading. i made 18000 dollars profit in two days. and they took 28.000 dollars commission from me. Then i wanted a decrease in the commission. they accepted and told me if i do 30.000 lots of trades next week they will lower the comission. next week their system was changed preventing me to do the trades. there were too much slippage. I think liquid provider started sending my trades somewhere else. here is the funny part. when i refused trading anymore and requested a withdraw they told me that we have an agreement that i have to do 30.000 lots of trades that week. I told them there is no agreement. there is only an offer which is i would take back %30 of the commission if i do 30.000 lots of trades. i told them i wont do anymore trades then they closed my account and send my deposit back(1000dollars) which means they captured my profit and and all the comission which makes about 45.000 dollars and closed the case.


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Three steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat

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If you deposited Money via credit card then talk with CC department as as possible.

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I have a problem to withdraw my profits with them too!

I am with them (BelforFX) less then a months and I made in 2 days 12K, but then very strange thing happened - they cancelled my 3 positions blaming it on the margin short, while I knew for a fact, having photo of a screen made 13 min before they cancelled it, and using the maths in those 15 min window there were no spike in trading to cause the margin level to fall - they made me to lose $6k, which they must have shortly after recouped to themselves. I was not able to prove my case. Now that I am trying to leave, they finagling my funds (15K) for a week and do not release it. And I am dealing with the same guy Herbert Fletcher. How did your story ended? Did you file with the FMA? their registration was cancelled by FMA. service.viewPdfCompanyFSP. They gave me the story that it was a volunterly withdrawal to separate 2 different branches of the company.


Go ahead and open your own thread, give details, and post that screen shot made 15 minutes before the margin call.


I bring to the attention Guatemalan scams made by Customer Services S A, This company is from MANFRED WILHELM WAGNER DE CECCO with his attorney HESSEL AGUILAR, he has swindled 1500 people who have low resources in Guatemala and Central America

Customer Servises SA, Traffic360, Signuscrm, Payton Financial, is:
16 street, 4-53, zone 10, Guatemala City
Phone: +502 24444747//////+50224444700

Manfred's house is

12 street 0-39, floor PH1, Edificio La Excelencia, zone 14 - Guatemala City.

Móvil: +502 5949 3652

Home:+502 23681457

According to what I found on this website, we are talking about the same person,,

Belfor Capital now has another name-- Payton Financial, Scam in Guatemala !!

I have the entire database of Belforfx and Belfor Capital.