Best ECN Broker For MT4 Trading? (EA compatible)


Hey FPA gang,

I've noticed there have been a few threads that have touched on this topic, but I'd like to start a dedicated thread for people wanting to share their experiences as to what they believe to be the best MT4 Broker for using EA's.

I have been manually trading successfully with a Dukascopy account, and I from what I've experienced (and read in my research) they are a reliable ECN broker. However, they are still beta testing their MT4 platform, and have informed me that it won't be available to use for live trading till next year sometime thus I've been researching which other broker:

a) offers an MT4 platform which can be used with EAs
B) is (preferably) an ECN
c) doesn't have a whole lot of negative reviews/feedback when I read up on them (forums, review sites, etc).

It's this third consideration that I'm struggling with.

Currently I've tested a few MT4 demo's from different brokers. All of them have been fine as demo accounts (Alpari UK probably my fave), though obviously a demo account is never going to reflect live trading 'conditions', or more specifically, broker manipulations which seem to be a recurring theme I see in talk about many brokers.

So, I am in a bit of a rut, as I would like to use an EA on MT4 with an ECN broker, however it seems that every broker I research has a bunch of negative feedback running along the same lines (eg: trading remains profitable and broker/MT4 platform reliable for a little while seeing profits, then almost as if 'by magic' the trader starts encountering all sorts of problems such as re-quotes, unreliable spreads, MT4 freezes/crashes, spiking/stop hunting at critical times).

This of course has led me back to a conclusion I already knew, in that many brokers (particularly the market makers, but also some ECN's) are potentially manipulating things behind the scenes to clean out us retail traders.

The question I pose to everyone using EA's! Who are/have you used as an MT4 broker with the EA, what have your experiences been, do you have any recommendations or warnings regarding particular brokers.

All feedback and discussion welcome, though obviously we're focusing on real verified experience to make this post as useful as possibe!



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I am running demo and/or live with IBFX, FXCM,, Citifx, DBfx, and Alpari. Running Megadroid. IBFX seems to be the best live account so far. Alpari is the best demo. DBfx looks interesting.


ECN brokers - EUROPE

so far i got the best one in Europe as Dukascopy

anyone recommend any others ?

also, any ecn's do gold in europe ?



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Guys hi.

Thanks: FXCC

Hope everybody can take this post in the spirit it was meant. Not here to hype anything about anything. Here to answer questions and as there were some asked by the OP, I thought I would try and provide some answers.

As you can tell by my forum name, I'm clearly marked as the representative for a broker, so naturally I do have a bias. However, to answer some of the questions asked in this thread:

  • We are ECN on MT4 and Currenex
  • We do allow EAs
  • We do offer Gold

Once again, I hope everybody can take this post in the spirit it was intended.

Many thanks