Best Martingale Setting


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I need help in good martingale setting. i know martingale is risky strategy and many trade avoid this but i do Martingale + hedging + my money management so i easily survive.

Many traders think martingale is easy but it isn't true, it also need a lot of calculation like other strategy such like distance between orders, lot size, how much to increase lot size by order by order, take profit etc

Can you please provide best settings filling on it.

Initial Lot size :
PointStep : (Distance between orders)
Multiplier : (Next order lot size multiplication of previous order)
Take profit :
Stop loss :

Currently the settings i am using :

Initial Lot size : 0.01
PointStep : 38 pips (380 points)
Multiplier : 1.7
Take profit : 30 pips (300 points)
Stop Loss : 90 pips (900 point)

With my settings everything is going smooth but few of the trader said me i can improve it much better by calculating perfect pointstep, multiplier and take profit.

I am really confused how to calculate which settings is best.

Please help me with perfect settings and also if you have guide please let me know how to calculate the perfect settings.



I think looking best setting for martingale trading need to try and make a comparison in backtesting, use a different platform and then start to test on each setup to looking best setting, I also trying use ea martingale, with an initial size of 0.01, and they use hedging position too, target only 15 pips and stop loss based preference, try using 100, so far still works