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Banned Spammer for IGTFX

Best MT4 Forex Broker Recommended by us in this SPAM


IGTFX now offers MetaTrader 4 with IGTFX No Dealing Desk execution for clients who are familiar with this charting platform.
No Dealing Desk execution allows traders to use MT4

The key advantages of IGTFX metaltrader

  • confidentiality of all trading operations
  • unlimited charts quantity
  • large number of technical indicators and line studies
  • Experts, Custom Indicators and Scripts
  • MultiLanguage program interface
  • signals of system and trading actions
  • getting on-line news from financial markets
  • internal e-mail system
  • No Dealing Desk Execution
  • Trading on MetaTrader 4
  • Inter-bank Spreads Directly From Our ECN
  • STP/ECN Execution For all orders
  • Run Test Expert Advisors
  • Spreads start from only 1 pip
  • Up to 1:200 Leverage
  • Minimum Deposit 500 USD
  • Electronic Execution of Orders ( No Dealer Intervention)
  • No Comissions

EDIT: Download Link Removed


What's with the word 'investment' in your logo? It says inves™ent. So, are you in investment or not? Is 'inves' now your actual trademark?
Why exactly was this in the 'General Forex' section? If you're trying to make money, then it's not supposed to be there.
Also, shouldn't 'advantages' be aspects that are unavailable from other inves™ent, oh sorry investment, brokers don't provide?
Lastly, why do I have to be 'familiar with this platform'? Are we supposed to use it for your education or something?


WOW! that sounds just so fantastic....... ok where do I send my money to?

Level 41, Emirates Towers
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Sorry there must be some mistake..... did you say DUBAI!

The same Dubai with a super $59 billion financial crisis on it's hands?.....
The same Dubai that saw a 70% fall in stock?.....
The same Dubai that stopped construction of over half of it's ivory financial towers.... oh I really hope yours wasn't one of those...... did you at least manage to get the windows fitted and the toilet plumbed in?

.....hey you know what? I think I'll just hang on to my money for a bit longer...

....the crisis must have hit you real hard if you have to go spamming forums for business.


too bad they don't include 24hr trading like everyone else.
But they have so many other "special features", just like everyone else. ;)

Why does a broker from Dubai have a panda in its logo? :D

Ever notice that spammers almost never brag about being regulated? :p

The only way to put an end to spam is if EVERYONE refuses to do business with spammers. Spammers are like telemarketers. It takes less than one person in 100 agreeing to do business with them to keep them annoying the other 99 people.

Say no to spam. Just say no.
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