Best time to trade


This is another newbie question and the answer is that there is no right time to trade. The right time to trade is whenever you decide to trade and execute your strategy. While there are time periods with higher liquidity and most of the pros trade the European session it does not mean it is the best time to trade.

It all comes down to the individual, location, preference etc and there is no right or wrong time to trade. Focus on what works for you and stop modeling your trading after the preference of others.
I know that the best time to trade is when two markets like London and new york are open at the same time, for more information about this you should consult a forex calendar, because i don't know your time zone.
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Yeah, making a question an answering yourself. Anyway, I think the best time is the time that fits your strategy, simple like that
Hello Rambo35

I think one should find a comfortable trading strategy first then refine it to include things like best time periods to trade, if one believes the gains benefits would help improve their strategy.

For example my strategy open times look like this. (See image)


You'll notice the image don't include the 7 different currency pairs my strategy is based on, nor the closing times or remaining open orders, so again refining these might also help improve this strategy, and so on.

Good luck