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I am only paper trading, never done forex before and whilst i have a few grand, i am trying to understand how to trade manually. I have been looking at all these robots that are available including the new Fusion-V1.1a that has been developed as a result of the world forex cup, now officially on sale, i would like to ask you if trade monkey actually profits after costs, i mean 35% is not bad if your in profit no! Have you used it or know of someone who is using this system and managed by them! It is better to have the semi-managed version, is using robots not recommended for newbies and are they difficult to manage?



The results of this EA look promising, but...

I am 61 years of age, have collected around one hundred so-called "systems", priced from the notorious $97 to systems costing $5000.- NONE OF THEM WORKS!!!
If any of these systems worked, we would all be millionaires, right?!

It works for the vendors, allright.

Remember? In the times of the Californian gold rush, the diggers did not get rich. Those that got rich were the guys selling shovels and pick axes.

In brief: Forex is a losing game. The statistics are sad but true: 97% of the traders fail. Trading is for the gifted only, like Formula 1 racing, Tennis or Ballet.

Why are we as amateurs so flattered, invited, encouraged and lured into this game?

Answer: because the Pros need "silly" money" to take from the table.
It is like taking a sweet from a baby. Easy money for them.

Save your money, put aside those $199.- charged by this company, and give your loved ones a treat from time to time. That is rewarding.

Or start a SCAM-business yourself.....

1000 hopeful guys multiplied by $199.- per MONTH!! .... not bad, ey??!


God bless,

Gerhart ( this is Celtic and means: "the hard spear" )

P.S.: Have a CLOSE look at their website. Backtesting of this EA is not possible! You buy the piglet in the poach. And for MT4-programmers, it is so easy to cheat on so-called
"live-tests". You add a few lines of code, and the EA "looks ahead" and goes long or short with 100% accuracy. The statements created in MT4 which are often presented as
"proof" of the positive results of an EA are created as HTML-code. So you can fake this easily, even if you are not that familiar with HTML. In a browser window, it looks
like usual, but it has been tampered with. You can try this out yourself with your MT4-platform by going to the "strategy tester". Create a backtest and view it in a browser
window. Then go to the function of your browser "show page in HTML-code". Et voilà! there you have it. It looks puzzling at first, but you will easily find the results of the
backtest as real figures, which can all be altered, i.e. FAKED.
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Just saw a statement of this system. What a great fail!
Does anybody use it now? Do you have the same results?
I am looking for a stable EA to add to my portfolio)