Joseph received $205.54 through Money Gram from me since August 8, 2016 with this information:
‘’Name: Janet Chaney

City: Emerald Isle

State: North Carolina

Postal Zip Code: 28594

Country: United States
and nothing was copied till now and he refused to refund my money. Warn them to refund my money They are big fraudsters of our time. Public should beware of them


above, this was posted..
"and nothing was copied till now and he refused to refund my money." from the way that reads...
you're getting trades copied? but you want your money?

Ive watched videos on this site and sent a few emails to "Joseph" and he has answered all of my questions.
That certainly doesn't mean that its legit but Im trying to understand if you purchased the service and you are now getting trades copied then why ask for the money back?
Im waiting for a reply on the refund policy, Joseph mentioned in his reply that he only gives a refund if he has a losing month..
I sent him this link to your post above hoping that he will clear it up for me.
I would like to find a reliable trade signal service once and for all!


Im sure that all services experience their ups and downs but my results using this service have been great!
I've been using them for about three weeks now.
These are the checkpoints from a list that I created when looking for a signal service (this one is automated)
and I developed this checklist from reading the threads on forum sites and the complaints that users have.

*the system needed to use a stop loss (this was huge for me because one of the biggest Complaints that I read on threads, was that there were huge drawdowns and in some cases big losses because the system did not use a fixed stoploss.
This service however that I'm using now which is the best Forex trade copier service, they use a fixed stop which is 55 pips. I like this but it's also a control setting within their trade copier EA so I can guarantee that no losing trade will ever be larger than 55 pips.

* lot sizing/leverage. I did not want to use a service that required me to have a minimum account balance. I just wanted to use what was available in my account and only increase the funds when I wanted to. This service I'm using now allows me to use the trade copier EA on my account the matter what the account balance is.

* a trading courses included with the service, I like knowing who is doing the trading for me and I also want to know what it is they're doing and this guy Joseph is providing all of that for me.

I know this might sound like a pitch/sales but I like this guy and I am very happy with the results which is why I'm making this post, I recommend this service and I recommend trying it out.

One thing to keep in mind, is the refund policy. He has one but he will only refund the money if he has a losing month.
So far, it appears that he has never had a losing month but I can tell from watching the trading in my account and his timing/execution of his trades,, he's very selective and does not jump in and out of trading opportunities all day and all night. He seems to only find specific trades and as he says, the ones that he knows will work 100% of the time. So far he's been able to succeed at that. There was one losing trade that I had in my account and it was 17 pips. All the trades after that immediately recover the loss.

This service only works with the meta-trader four platform. It is an EA that is installed onto the platform and it duplicates his trades when he opens one on his trading account.

Good luck to all of those traders who are still struggling, I hope you find your way and I hope that this information might lead you down a path for the better