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BetOnMarkets - A Better Week for World Stock Markets

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by Erik, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    It was a better week for world stock markets last week, with all the major indices pushing further off the January lows.

    Despite Friday’s US payrolls falling by a more than expected 598,000, stock markets powered higher. This was an extremely weak employment report, with 3.5 million fewer Americans employed In January than a year earlier. However, the world’s biggest economy isn’t willing to roll over and die just yet. The rate of decline is accelerating, but US unemployment is still below the peaks of the 1980s and 1970s. Stock markets moved higher on the hope that Friday’s dire figures will act as a catalyst for the massive Obama stimulus package. In the UK, banks pushed higher as speculation mounts that the bad bank plan is back on the cards. RBS is rumoured to be the first test of this model with other banks applying this template if successful. Judging by the rally in financial shares last week, traders are keen on this plan to come to fruition.

    Commodities continued to drift lower, with oil falling through support at $40. Oil producers shrugged off the news to finish up on the week. However, lower energy prices cannot be shrugged off by all of those with a stake in the commodity. The Russian government had its credit rating downgraded due to fears over the impact of the collapse in oil prices. The rouble continued its free fall.

    Last week, the Bank of England cut rates to 1% as widely expected, and at the same time, the ECB signalled that it may cut rates in March. Despite the cut, it was a good week for Sterling, especially against the euro, as traders adjust their positions in light of the strong rate cut hint from Trichet.

    There was some positive news from the Halifax housing report which showed that UK house prices rose last month. However, it is hard to read too much into this rise as the data conflicts with the previously released Nationwide report, and month to month figures are often subject to wide variance. Next week’s highlights include a number of speeches from prominent central bankers including Treasury secretary Geithner, and FOMC chairman Ben Bernanke on Tuesday. On Wednesday Governor King speaks at the release of the BOE inflation report. ECB president, Trichet is due to speak on Thursday. Aside from this, we also have US retail sales and unemployment claims on Thursday. When stock markets go up on bad news as they did last week, it is often a good sign that investors have re-discovered their appetite for risk taking.

    Even BP and Shell were moving higher on Friday, despite oil prices dipping below $40 a barrel. The bears have been handed plenty of opportunities to take control, but so far today, the bulls have won out. That is arguably a very encouraging indication that 2009 won"t end the year as it started.

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