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01 May 2009
Please find below the Morning Report from David Evans, market analyst at
The FTSE currently indicates a weaker open, as traders are waiting for the release of the UK Manufacturing purchasing managers index. Analysts are hoping that the numbers will show hints regarding the state of the economy. Look for the FTSE to open in the red this morning.
Crude oil is currently trading just under the 51 dollars per barrel mark after capping its third monthly gain in April on signs that the global economy and fuel demand will recover this year. Industrial output in Japan increased for the first time in six months while U.K. consumer confidence climbed to the highest level in a year. Traders are hoping that this is the start of a rebounding economy. Look for oil prices to test the 53 dollar mark.
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Predicted opens as of 06:00 GMT: FTSE: 4205.6 (-32.2) CAC40: 3113.80 (-32.70)) DAX30: 4739 (-46) DOW: 8164 (+3) SP500: 871.38 (+3.50) GOLD: 885.10 (-6.60) OIL: (-0.41)
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