Beware of Iforex

Respected Sir,

I have been misguide by iforex and I have been telling to earn 10 to 15 dollar by just investing 100 dollar but first time I have lost this amount and I have thought it may be my mistake and there after I have been again called and convinced that you will recover you lost and we will provide signal facility and will do 3 PIPISD instead of 5PIPS and again I deposited 500 dollar but after playing to this company I have come to know that I am loosing something as whatever I open the deal I was loosing so I have opened reverse deal to cope up with lose but just today (23/03/11) I have seen that my all the balance have become zero and and they arguing that it was your mistake to open such kind of deals and there are so many complains also in Indian website about iforex that it is scam and it is fraud company. I have mistaken that I have not cheeked review of this company. Thais is not just matter of my 600 dollar but company has cheated so many people in India and it may be also to cheat at global level also. I think they are doing something wrong in the website and make us loss as I have seen that, for example, I have open two deals with 15 dollar stop loss if market go to some UP level and the same way I have also one deal with 150 dollar stop loss if market go DOWN then in the morning my all the three deals cross the up and downs? What we can say to this, Scam? Yes it is scam.

I have thereafter three time called to account manager Mr. Mohd. Riazy and trainer Mr. Musatfa
to call me back but just one time Mr. Riazy from Greece called and thereafter nobody is giving any kind of reply whereas when my account was live means that there was balance they were calling every day regarding different kind of scheme that if you deposit this amount today then bonus would be 10 percent 15 percent etc. and so all but after that I have not been called by anyone and I have also observed one thing that when I am online and playing in the market , at that time there is not market going so much down and up and I called so many time to account manager when I am online but nobody is calling but just I go offline my account manager will call that what was the problem and if I say anything about market that how it may happen then they tell that in the midnight market has gone such point up or down then why market always go up and down in the night only? I am sure sir that this something wrong practice is there.

So I kindly request you to take some action.

I kindly request you to get me recover my 600 dollar and stop this company to do trading.

Thanks & Regards,
Kishor vadher
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