Please beware of meg forex system also known as Megsignals.
I paid them $1500 (1500USD) to trade my account and they blew the $5000 account in 3 days.
This company posted very impresive result on their performance sheet but its all lies.
Since 2005 the ccompany never had a loss trade!
I paid $1500 for them to trade my $5000 account.
After 3 days they blew my account and asked me to give them another account for them to trade for me, i then added $250 from my other account with the broker to the initial account, this amount was also blowned thesame day.
The company again pleaded with me to give them time to re sturdy the market and asked for another account to trade so that i can recover all my losses.This i did for the 3rd time .After series of enauiries on when they will resume trading the new account.The company informed me that before they will trade this third account, i have to pay $230.
I asked them why should i pay,what about the $1500 i paid and the $5,250 account that they blow.
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Is incredible how this company works, first they make you pay 30% of your account, tell a lot of lies, the accounts they show are not their real trading, the strange thing is that I even verify that the servers belong to those brokers but I think demo is faster and could be cheated some way, please don't enter with them, are a fake company, that claim to have accounts all over the world, I call to a guy named Joe something his mail is they promise a lot of things 100% or 140%, I told them I just want to have the safest trading not interested in that much % per month, in 4 days, just 4 days they blow my account!!!

I even warn them when my floating was at 30%, and they reply "let us do our work", I have been at this industry for 6 years and there are; bad traders, others that are worst traders and now meg system below everything I knew before.

The company is a scam, all are fake, FOREX signals and FOREX management account a real cheat, the only thing the will do is that they will blow your account in less than a week


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Would one of you guys please post a proper link to this organization?
Thank you.