Beware of Netotrade, opened mail id to fight netotrade scams collectively, send evidence


Hello Every one,

Netotrade cheated many people, one of my friend lost of lot of money. What i heard from one of lawyer is, If every one sent details to one of mail id created exclusively to collect netotrade scams (netotradescams at - i can forward to the lawyer (whom i know through my company) then there is a chance for legal aid to stop their activities. pl. don't hesitate to send the info. I spoke to the lawyer on behalf of my friend, he asked about atleast 5 or more people collectively send the evidences, based on the evidence, then there is a chance to get legal aid and atleast we can close their activities from UK and EU, and also we can report to US agencies to clean up every thing what they're doing (scams) in entire world.

Hi Anthony Ingrassia, could you please help us how to proceed from here (especially blocking Netotrade in US)? and also requesting other forex experts how to fight this menace.


gany s
working in IT dept. in one of law agency.

netotradescams @

* note: Requesting to forexpeacearmy not to close this thread or this post, this is to stop/rescue innocent traders to not to fell into this type of
People might feel more comfortable sharing details if the unique email address was at a law firm's website.
In theory, if it was a law firm's website, we could see how long it's been registered, in what countries the lawyers are licensed, etc. With a free online email address, no one can tell of this is legit or a new attempt to rip off victims.
This is genuine effort to stop these scamsters so why not using private mail id temporarily and genuine mail id and contact nos will follow. why other members are worrying about this mail id. we hp youare not from netotrade scam company and trying stop this combined netotrade scam victims forum. once all details collected (description of scam how it happend, which country. loss of amount -its not important but useful. are they willing to come forward to reveal their names once lawyer wants to go ahead with this case? dont send unnecessary personnel details, if youare worrying about anything, we dont push you to send. looking for only this scam details nothing more. once five members details received lawyer will advise what to do.
Based on the scam description we can decide which way to approach and how to approach. we are trying to stop this meance from all angles including stopping to open new online shop to start this scams again. Dont believe other posts whoare trying to distract this combined forum. if everyone worrying to goahead alone after loosing money. we thnk this is the only way. if not please suggest.
There is a very good reason why I and others have suspicions.

There's a certain type of low-life scum who is even worse than the typical scammer. This type preys on people who've already been victimized. Victims are often willing to part with copies of ID documents that have been misused or to pay upfront fees based on promises to recover money.

Show us you are real and aren't another scammer. All you have to do is put forward an email address from a legitimate law firm's domain. If you can, I'll be happy to suggest that victims cooperate with you as best they can. If you can't, then I recommend that no one communicate with you.
who on earth will send you all his personal details without knowing who are you?
It sounds so silly...
We didnot ask any personnel details or asking any fee. if every one agrees only we can go forward against this scam company. already we're receiving some members plight about how they lost money to this scam ster, looking for few more and looking for more details in later stage. Its combined effort to stp this netotrade scamster, we just asked send brief info about how they lost money through this netotrade scam co.

if youre genuine why didnot you mentioned real names as your userid and other info like your personnel details. in this forum we're trying to share info, so not using personnel mailids just combined mail ids. people are not fools to trust anyone once after loosing thier money. this is genuine effort. i donot know why youre worrying instead of allowing people to express their issues. theycan express here or send mail, were not trying to exploit them, trying to help them as a human. notsure whats bothering you. you better to open your own thread and preach about netotrade instead of stopping this effort.
even after explaining about we are not interested about personnel details still youre scolding means i think you are going to be from netotrade and try to distract forum with this sillycomments, guys ignore about sergent major and eddiger and other new users suddenly theywill start commenting acting onbehalf of netotrader whoare acting like distractors by creating suspicion instead of helping people.
I don't wish to create suspicions. I do wish to help traders. The problem is that I've seen too many "recovery room" type scams where people who have already been ripped off get offered help that turns into another ripoff.

I hope you are 100% legitimate, but without some sort of verification, I have to consider the possibility that you aren't.

Just post a contact email address at an established law firm with a website that's been around awhile and there won't be any need for suspicion.