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Beware of PIP CHAOS......

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Wayne C, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Wayne C

    Wayne C Private

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Im forced to highlights to the public about my unpleasant dealings with PIP CHAOS...

    When PIP CHAOS was launched recently i subscribed on 26th JULY 2011 to a 3 DAYS FREE TRIAL after which i have to pay USD147...The problems start when i wanted to cancel it on 27th JULY 2011, after 2 days using it OR rather i put at NON activities for 2 days....

    The PIP CHAOS support team of GEORGE Z and ANDREY K would brush off my request for cancellation by giving their own version of explanations so not to grant me the cancellations.

    The last straw was an attempt made to charge my credit card for the above purchase AND ALSO another charge of USD497 for another purchase of ROUND TABLE TRIAL which i NEVER subcsribe for...All i know i was asked to access the ROUND TABLE TRIAL which i believed was part of the PIP CHAOS system and i don't even know that it costs USD497 !!!!!!!

    Here are the events when i first asked for the cancellation:

    PIP CHAOS asked for the reasons which actually contradicts their sales pitch that " in the event that you find that it is not suitable ,you can asked for a refund or cancellation without any questions asked and we can part ways as friends "

    #Please provide us with the reason of your decision. Please notice that you have 30 days of money-back guarantee and can test our product on demo account#


    (1) The most inconvenience is that i have to switch on my computer 24/5 for this system to work.

    (2)Not many trading activities and the last trades was
    on 07.13.2011!

    Please remove me from your 3 days free trial and DO NOT charge me for the purchase.


    1. There are any FX software which trades when your PC OFF.

    2. There is no any system, EA or trader on Forex market, who doesn't experience losses at all. The main idea is to win in a long run. Yes, we had several losses, but you can see our final results - nice profit and increasing of capital in several times.

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions"



    When i sent in a email to cancel, your company asked for the reasons...

    When i highlights the problems and reaosns for cancelling; you come up with the explanations above....

    My qeustion to you :

    1. Am i NOT allowed to cancel OR your company policy is once in cannot get out????....But in your sales webpage 'customers can cancel anytime and we still be friends if anyone find it not suitable for them'...Are these just sales pitch???

    2. Am i not allowed to judge for myself what is suitable for me???

    3. Why the HARD SEll & difficulty in cancelling???

    4. I reserves my right to let the public aware about my situation with Pip Chaos if the situation is not resolved.

    Actually this is a simple situation but your customer support make it into a VERY BAD PR for Tom Harris, Pip Chaos...

    Just do the right thing and respect your customers and don't treat your customers like me an idiot....


    1. Sure, you are allowed.
    2. Sure, you are allowed to judge for myself what is suitable for you.
    3. There are no difficulties at all!
    4. You are allowed to do anything you wish.


    MY LAST RESPONSE ( no reply yet from ANDREY K)

    Since you sarcastically put it this way Andrey K, i make sure ALL the responses in email will be make public...

    Andrey K, if i am allowed to cancel can you explain and clarify why there is an attempt to charge my credit card for the purchase??????????......


    PIP CHAOS 'might' be a good product but i don't fancy that i need to switch on my computer 24/7 for the system to work and the 2 days trial in fact was a non event because NOTHING happens as the LAST trade was on 13th JULY 2011...THAT IS TWO (2) WEEKS NO TRADE AT ALL !!!!...So what trial is that???....

    From what i gone through with a simple request for cancellation turns into a haggling issues with 2 unprofessional support staff in George Z and Andey K....:hissyfit:

    Here, i come to a conclusion that PIP CHAOS will do whatever it takes even underhand tactics to lure you to buy their products and make it VERY hard for you to cancel, terminate or asked for a refund.

    Im not questioning the effectiveness of PIP CHAOS the system but rather the difficulty in cancelling it..Im wondering now, if PIP CHAOS are that good why refuse a customer a simple request to cancell it???.....REALLY PUZZLING AND MAKE ME WONDER.....

    The public has been warn and its up to you to judge what is suitable for you...:hissyfit:

    Its been a 'CHAOS' event for me.....
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  2. quantumforex

    quantumforex Recruit

    Jul 31, 2011
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    Hi Wayne;

    I would like to clarify the point you made about turning on your computer 24/5. You will find that most EAs out there will require you to have your computer on 24/5 basically any EA you attach to your MT4 will require this. You can avoid this by renting a VPS.

    The services which does not require you to turn your computer on 24/5 are managed accounts or services like zulutrade.

    Hope that clears it up for you.
  3. Wayne C

    Wayne C Private

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Hi Quantumforex,

    Thanks for the info.....

    Yes, i cancel PIP CHAOS because 1) the need to switch on the computer 24/5....2) i can't judge how effective is the system because there is NO TRADE for 2 weeks since 13th July 2011. Its really puzzling for an EA that do not trade for 2 weeks !!!!

    I just find it not suitable for me, so i cancel it...

    My argument with PIP CHAOS is not on HOW their system works but the MANNER they handle my request for cancellation by ignoring it and replying with their own version of explanations in order not to grant me the cancellation...I submitted my cancellation request on 27th July and im not sure whether is cancel or not because there is attempts to charge my credit card for the above for USD147 and another USD497 for 'ROUND TABLE TRIAL' which i NEVER subscribe for....

    Im questioning their ethics whether PIP CHAOS is really a genuine company or another SCAM... IF it is a reputable company as describe by Tom Harris than they should accept my request for cancellation without any questions asked and also not to use underhand tactics to charge me for ANOTHER purchase 'ROUND TABLE TRIAL' which i never subscribe for....

    PIP CHAOS use the words 'FREE & TRIAL' to entice you to click the button to join and once joined they will charge you....:hissyfit::p

    The way they handle my situation makes me 'believe' PIP CHAOS is not a trustworthy company..:p
  4. ElGordo-D

    ElGordo-D Recruit

    Jul 31, 2011
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    Thanks for opening my eyes...

    I was just about to try this now im not thanks for shareing your problem..

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