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Discuss BForex.com

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  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
  • Company registration: bforex Ltd., British Virgin Islands
  • Regulation: Not regulated.
  • Notes: bforex is an IB for FXGM
With credentials like that, what else can you expect from such a broker/IB except to scam/cheat gullible people over the internet.


Brigadier General
Looks like you deposited by credit card. Call your issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain that you did deposit the money, but that BForex is refusing to process your withdrawal. Ask if you can file a chargeback based on failure to provide promised services.

Don't delay. There are deadlines. Get screenshots of your account and contact the bank as soon as possible.


Bforex claims to be a forex Company,having persuaded me to invest my hard earned money into forex trading market,after some trading,I decided to withdraw just as I was promised that I can at any time make a withdrawal. I was mailed to submit some documents for withdrawal and I did scan and send to them,but up to now they refused to reply me. I will send some of the documents I was asked to fill,scan and send back to them.


Dear All ,

Bforex is a complete scam . If anybody need the proof , please send me an email to REMOVED and I will forward it to you. I have posted my feedback in many of the social blogs and daily I am getting 100's of email from the victim of Bforex Scam. They cheated me for more than 27K USD and all the account managers are Big Frauds especially. I was having more than 100K in my account and everything cleared to 0 USD and the very next day they locked my account . I can see that there is one representative in this blog and I am sure that he himself know very well about his company .Their office is in India, even though they claim to be in Cyprus. They are not a regulated broker and they are not associated with any financial association for providing trading platform .Please send me an email and I can even provide my mobile number and can share with you the way they cheat people .When I checked with the victims of the Bforex Scam , they all shared with me the same game plan they use to rob money from people. They make lot of money from cheating people . Try calling them in their support number anytime and you will end up reaching no one . They have an automated system and if you are in trouble , the call will end up no where . So my since request , do not join Bforex .

Dear Mr Bforex Representative ,

Please go to the history of my account yourself and you can see how your office had cheated me . Stop promoting your stupid and scam company and stop cheating poor people .

And thank you so much for making me a bankrupt .


Sanoj Sukumaran

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I work for bforex and would like to welcome any of you to come and visit any of our global offices, you can see all of our locations on bforex.com.
These reviews are not based on any sense of reality. We are a regulated broker and always put our customers first.
If in doubt try our demo account or have a chat with one of our "forexperts".

Dear bforex i have opened an account in bforex after repeatedly receiving calls from your executives.. they promised me to train me trading. But after i deposited 200 usd they stopped calling me. Now when i want my money back they are asking me 100 types of proofs and documents and not returning my money..... why u people do this why u cheat people


Dear bforex i have opened an account in bforex after repeatedly receiving calls from your executives.. they promised me to train me trading. But after i deposited 200 usd they stopped calling me. Now when i want my money back they are asking me 100 types of proofs and documents and not returning my money..... why u people do this why u cheat people

Please go here https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/forums/scam-alerts.30/ and open new thread there to get more attention from the broker.


Every Day from Monday to Friday this people call me and give me signal of the Market . I have invested 200$ and now is 1000$ . Now when i try to withdraw the money i am not getting the money

Hi Tanveer
Today i got call from bforex and claiming many thing for initial deposit of 200 USD etc.... bla bla...
I have reviewed everywhere it seems like a scam only.
please post these grievances in FB... yes they have their webpage in Facebook that too gets daily some news feeds updated.... no one wants the brand to be spoiled...Hence if they are a genuine company they may take these issues strongly and may help you out.
also please google if you can find this guy Robert Petrucci – Chief Commodity and Forex Analyst2 ... if someway he can help...

Good Luck :)


i started Forex trading with Bforex in July 2015 with an initial 200USD which subsequently I top up to 13500 USD within a three week period . after about a month i decided to withdraw 15000 USD which they paid in two installment of 13500 and 1500 usd
AFTER THIS ,I started another trading with 13500 USD within a ten day period and grew this to about 39000 USD within 6 weeks . I requested to withdraw 10000usd . However , before I could receive this withdrawal, my Debit card had a fraudulent withdrawal of about 4000USD . so I wrote my bank and they inferred that it was Bforex who did and they opened a case with Bforex which lasted from October 2015 to February this year.
While the case between my Bank , MasterCard and Bforex was ongoing, Bforex frozen my account and was told it will only be re-opened if I withdraw the case (charge back). I told Bforex that i couldn't withdraw the case since I didn't directly raise the case against them. I also didn't want to interfere with the MasterCard or my Bank investigation into a fraud detected on my debit card.
By March 2016 ..the case was apparently resolved as the bank paid back my 4000USD and Bforex also paid me 3500 USD request I sent to them in November 2015.
However, up til now Bforex is yet to re-open my account and my withdrawal request has not been answered.
I wrote to Bforex ( Jessy ilieva (Retention Control)) and my account officer Mr Stanley Kolev but no response.
They no longer pick my calls or respond to my emails( my last email to Bforex was 4th July 2016).
I still have over 20,000 USD in my account with Bforex .