BForex company stool more than 20.000$ all my account with them.


this is Omran Mohamad Kataya from Beirut, Lebanon, i have been stoolen by BForex company, and i do have the proof of what they are doing with their customers and how they steel their money too, i want to make a complain at them to be able to get my money back from them, so please help me out to be able to get back my money from this cheatting company.
thanks a lot and GOD BLESS YOU.
Omran Kataya
How did you deposit?

If by bank wire, contact your bank and the receiving bank. Explain what happened and ask about how to file wire fraud charges.
Bforex is FPA scam labeled and unregulated broker (they were smart enough not to have a regulation)
Hi. Just now I have read that BFOREX is a scam. I have joined them in trading and I have no idea about trading. The broker told me that he will teach me about trading but he didnt
Now I want to wothdraw my account but I have read that they will not return the money back. They asked me to sign some contract but I didnt because I cannot understand what the terms about trading is I keep it and I am now studying about trading. I am scared that I might be a victim of scam. Please advise me.. Thanks
And there is also a weird thing is that they have asked me to download a Teamviewer in which they can access thru my laptop. And also I have noticed in my e-mail that I have save all the emails they have sent me and then it suddently disappeared. I cannot view the latest e-mail they sent and when I view their e-mails which are available it will not open. No content
Do NOT allow them access to your computer. If you've already done it, disconnect from the internet and get to a computer shop and ask them to check - both to block the access and to try to recover the missing files.