bforex drained all my savings and will not return my money


I am Ibrahim and I started with bforex around December 2014(Account no.#11445882). I was assigned an account manager called Mosa Yamen (Bulgaria branch??) who managed to drain all my savings and sold a car and two pieces of lands. All deposits were made through credit cards. Since nothing but loss, I have decided to withdraw in February 2015 as when my nightmares started. Bforex asked me to cover all the deals that made loss and the deals that were kept overnight or days opened although I was charged for all on the spot at the time, yet I have to pay for again. Furthermore I have to pay for what they called spread and pay all awarded "bonuses" and you can imagine tens of thousands of dollars.
The worst that every time I am promised that this is the last deposit and in a day or less, they come back and claim that they made a mistake and ask for more money.
Stupidly enough I paid and paid to bail myself out.

Currently I have more than 354,000 USD in my account. The last promise was on the 19th of May 2015 that I have covered all the required charges and that they will transfer the money in 9 days that never took place. I have sent them a number of emails with no reply.

I have tabulated all their promises through emails and SMS’s in one document (all in Arabic) that has all the names I dealt and I can share with however is interested. My plan is to share all through all communication sites (twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp to reach and warn as many as I can.

The question is: Will I ever get my money back? Did any one managed to withdraw successfully.
Specifically, contact the fraud department at your issuing bank. Explain that the services a broker should provide include deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Explain exactly what is going on with the broker not processing withdrawals and ask if a chargeback is possible for any or all of your deposits.

Don't delay. There are deadlines.

If you transferred any money by bank wire, have a talk with the fraud department at the sending and receiving banks as well as the police about the possibility of filing wire fraud charges.

File all the information with - Your site for cross-border complaints.

What country are you in?
Thank you Pharaoh, I have just called my bank and they asked me to fill in an investigation form that I will do just now;
I am from Oman
I have filed a complaint at consumer and IC3
I did report a fraud case with my bank with regards to credit card payment. The issue that other payments were made with debit card that I am reporting tomorrow at least to make our local banks of beforex fraud.
Unfortunately you did not find this place before you sent your money to them, because if you did, you would have known that they are confirmed as being scammers. It seems that they run their operations from israel, so your best hope for getting your money back is your bank. If your bank could not refund the money, then you need to ask for legal advice and maybe, just maybe then you might be able to get your money back.
I really feel for you and despise those scum of the earth and their likes who don't see a problem is stealing people money and ruining their lives.
Indeed it is too late; the bank will not refund any money as said it is not their responsibility.
Indeed it is too late; the bank will not refund any money as said it is not their responsibility.

Refund or not, do they feel any responsibility to assist you in filing fraud charges? If not, it's time to change banks.

Also, make an inquiry with the fraud department at BForex's receiving bank.