BForex is a fraudulant company


For more than a year I was thinking of investing in Forex and I saw an add for BForex onine. I registered and they kept calling me for many months and I was reluctant till May 2013. I decided to invest $2000 to try based on assurances and promises that the money will grow with them and they will provide 24/7 trading advise....etc. They gave me 30% bonus at the start and the next day sales persons disappeared and an account manager appeared who was supposed to help and show me how to make money. We started off with a few protected trades and then he started convincing me to deposit more money to make much more profitable trades on Gold and Oil with assurances of outstanding profits and generous bonuses. I deposited $10,000 more and we started dealing and wheeling while my account was growing and I deposited more money based on his advise till he advised to make one large trade and then things went in reverse and one day I just took an afternoon nap to wakeup and find out that all balance was wiped out on a Thursday evening. I was in shock and the next morning Seif who is my account manager assured me that big news will come up that day and if deposit $20,000, we can make large profit and compensate for all losses made. It was not what he promised but I stayed next to the computer all day till midnight ending up with around $6000 profit. Account started growing again slowly till the wrong advice again late June and he kept saying don't worry and it is just a market correction. I ended putting more and more deposit to keep the account active till one day on July 19th the oil prices went sore against his advice and I lost all in seconds making my total losses $61,000. I complained to their customer service several times through live chat and emails and no bothered calling or responding back. Only the account manager was calling once and a while trying to convince me that it is normal to lose when trading and I should give them a chance to compensate me by depositing more money to trade and they will give me 100% bonus and so on. I kept telling him that I need to speak to a manager and someone in customer services without success to date.
Didn't you do any research on the broker first? BForex has been a known scam for a long time.

File a complaint with - Your site for cross-border complaints.

If you have any funds left, it might be worth considering hiring a lawyer.

Whatever you do, no matter what they promise, don't deposit 1 cent more into your BForex account.
Bforex is owned by an Israeli scammer. File a complaint for the regulators and consider a lawsuit too