bforex SCAM and Fraud

maged hassan

My Forex dealing largely attracts people from the Gulf in general and in the beginning you hear them speak beautiful and sweet, and you are going to win every week and you can withdraw money at any time after the fall into the trap and start trading depository,

Account Manager for Aitapa with you, particularly if the amount is small because he is busy in great deals and I think that most of the Account Managers and staff of Forex companies to have their personal accounts, which are trading them and profit from which

So not care for the client win or lose and the issue of bonus lie to lure customers and I have won twice but the capital account director rejected and angry because I will drag profits that lost all the amount of capital with profit

I became Months want anyone talking to me and solve my problem but only if deposited Avaidh possible because it helps you take advantage of the bonus and they have lied dramatically and fraud on the client

I wish you to help because there are people who have lost large sums of money

In the end, he promised me a person named Qais Al Qasimi in the financial section returns the full amount with earnings and asked me to deposit my account and I support even after the filing does not hear his voice and did not communicate with me

So far, not out of him


Company No.


These are one of the biggest scammers out there. Do a search here and see how many people got scammed by them.
If you still did not receive your money, talk to your bank and maybe they will be able to assist you, but do not, and I repeat, do not send any more money to this scam broker because most likely, you will never see your money again.