BForex Scam


BForex ripped me off of almost 100k$ winnings. Everything seems fine until u try to withdraw money! that's what happened with me few years ago when I first lost my initial small deposit then backed it up with a second and larger one and scored around a 100k+ with a few winning trades. My account manager was so exited about it and kept encouraging me, until I requested a withdrawal of half the amount (50k) and next thing I know, I get a call from one of their financial managers telling me they will cancel those trades based on some erroneous quoting crap (the usual fraud excuse)! Erroneous trading for almost a month period!!! They sent me an official email about it and I replied making my strong case of course (I mean some of my positions were not daily trades and were carried over the weekend). Of course, they couldn't careless! Just a fraud broker registered in the Virgin British Island (back then). I tried to sue them, but the feedback I got from the only law firm i could find around that have an office in BVI was not guaranteed so I just let it go. I ask the admins on this site, could I have done something about it?! If so, can I still make a case against those people knowing that this incident happened almost 10 years ago? I still have all the documents and the platform screen shots...etc. Appreciate your response.


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Appreciate your response.


BFOREX, you can file by letter a complaint addressed directly to the French Penal Investigation Judge(preferable in French Language) no prescription for ongoing criminal investigation !


....later you will need to elect domicile within French LawFirm / appoint a Lawyer for further civil claim, and why not recover the profits as part of repair....;)


First and foremost, don't open any new brokerage accounts before doing some research. The FPA declared BForex to be a scam back in 2010.

If you haven't done so yet, go ahead and submit a review for BForex here:

That way people will see that BForex's dishonesty keeps happening.

When, how, and how much did you deposit? Depending on the answers to that, you may be able to try for a chargeback.

Gather up all your evidence. Make certain to include all details of any deposits made, since the methods they use to collect money can help investigators find the people behind the scam.

File it all as That site shares information with regulators and law enforcement officials around the world.

See if your country has a place for filing online fraud complaints. File the information there. Also, post the link to that site in this thread so that others from your country can find it more easily.

File complaints with the financial regulators in your country and in any country(ies) where you sent your deposits.

Go to BForex's site. If they list a physical address, report them to the regulators in that country. If they claim any regulation or business license, report them there too.