Big Apple Forex


After inquiring with Big Apple Forex about their available plans, I was advised to go on the 2 month plan as there was a money back guarantee if I wasn't satisfied.

I signed up and paid the $400 on 13 Jul 2012. I know Forex carries risk, and July wasn't a very kind month, so before my account got blown away (I lost over $2000 in drawdowns), I decided to stop using the service and request a refund. With regard to the drawdowns, during this period they kept moving the stop loss up and up so I had no idea when the stop was actually going to be hit and was extremely nervous about this method of trading.

I contacted Big Apple Forex about obtaining a refund which they said would be forthcoming - I thought 'great'.

Weeks later - I still didn't receive a refund. As I paid via PayPal, I thought I would dispute the charge and make what I thought was a very legitimate claim for my money back. PayPal also denied my request for a refund.

What I'm pi**ed off about is the fact that they said to go with the $400 option so I COULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


I would avoid this operator at all cost.


Go ahead and leave a 1 star review for them if you haven't already done so.

Then notify them of this thread. Let them know that your next step will be filing an FPA Traders Court case if they don't honor the terms of the money back guarantee.