Big scamers

Just saying scam is not enough!
If you had or having bad experience with them then you have give us details as well. So, we could try to help you out with it. are huge scamers, i've invested 250$at the beginig, then 400$. Some Frederiek Vandewiele, agresive scamer! The money did multiplied but for them! I made also succesfull trades till got huge Amount of money. At withdrowall all game started: 3065$ =paid,1700€ =paid, 442€= paid! Out of my pocket! Marry Russell another aggressive one, yelling, prezenting reasons so "true" like make You belive, omg, yes this has to be paid,and this and this. Scamers! Then i asked If i have to pay something else, and guess, they found another reason for 627$ wich i not paid!!! This people don't deserve to breath!! How is possible as UK Gov to allow them in the Market???
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