a Scam ?


A few days later, on Oct. 16, 2020, a guy with the Name Paul Andersson did call me (a german celular +49 176 10382323) and we had a converastion about my case with the withdrawal, credit and my 'manager' Stefan. He was trying to convince me to delete my bad review of Billionforex. If I do that, he said, Billionforex will pay me my funds.....

I wrote this to Forexpeacearmy :

"A person call me today and said he is the owner of He said he will resolve the issue with my withdrawal request if I remove my negative review from this site !
I think it is not possible to remove it !

But what can be done to satisfy Billionforex and pay me the money in my account ?"

Answer from Forexpeacarmy :

"I will pay you what you are owed if you remove the facts about what happened" sound like blackmail to me.
Many times a company making demands like this will find new reasons to delay payment even after the review is removed.
Ask BillionForex's owner to put his offer in writing.

Best regards,
Bill K.



During November I did receive a call from a new 'account manager' Leon Schmidt from ANANDA. He proposed a solution to my trading acount at Billionfoex. He said if I pay another 500€ (not 1000€ as Stefan was demanding), then ANANDA will add to my Billionforex account 500€ too, and my account will be made operational again.

In November I had no money to do it. But in December, after regular messages from Leon in my Whatsapp, I was able to use my credit card. On December 11 and 14 Leon helped me to made two payment via AZIMO to Billionforex. After it was completed, my account wend functional without Leon's promised 500€. Leon never folowed up to his promise to remove that credit of 1000€ out of my Billionforex account, even though I was asking him regularly to folow up on his promise. It never materialised !

Immedeately after my account was functioning again, Leon geve me a trade in gold. It was a BUY and it went in loss for the day. The next day the price of gold advanced and I closed that trade on that day. As it turnrd out it was the very day gold started a rapid decline over the following weeks and did not come close to prices near 1900. Now it stands at 1728 USD after yesterday's new deep at 1720 USD.

That trade by Leon to buy gold was the last trading suggestion he gave me ! Nothing came afterward ! After that December trade in gold I traded all myself and on Febr.24 my account was at 12000€.

On January 25, a monday, I was demanding a withdrawal of 2.500€. In that time the website of Billionforex was functional. Nothing happened, the money did not move out of my account. On thursday January 29 I wrote a note in Whatsapp to Leon, my 'manager'.

On the same day, Jan.29, something strange happened !

In the afternoon I wanted to see if all my trades were closed at my take profit. They were, but something else accured !

I saw some closed trades in my account, pratically all in a loss ! Trades I never made ! I wrote some angry messages to Leon because I thought he, or someone at his company ANANDA, made those bad trades. This was not the case, I discovered what was happening a bit later, when another trade poped up which I closed immedeately. This made me realise, that a COPY TRADE was activated on my account ! I NEVER copy trades of other people, and definitely I did NOT activate this option on my account at Billionforex !

This I said to Leon, when he gave me a call later. He said he will investigate what happened. I suggested it could be a glitch and should be prevented to happen again. Through this I suffered a loss of about 500€ ! Leon said something interesting : he saw my withdrawal request, but it was impossible to execute it because COPY TRADE was active in my account ! But I made my withdrawal request on Monday, and that strange copy trade happened on Thursday !

On February 2 I asked Leon in Whatsapp what was the result of his investigation about that COPY issue. 'He was still waiting for an answer', he wrote back. One week later there was still no answer from Leon... I asked him again on Febr. 9, and his 'answer' was : 'all copy trades must be paid'. And next day, on Febr.10, he wrote me 'this is not my problem because you [I myself] did this copy trade' !

NOW I was really angry ! I wrote to him he should follow up on ALL his promises about my account because I need to withdraw noney !

Since that day, February 10, Leon did not write no one word to me ! (meanwhile the website of Billionforex was not functioning and I was not able to enter my account and manage my funds/withdrawals. But I can still do the trading as I did before, with that 1000€ credit still in my account)

Next day, Febr. 10, I wrote an Email to Billionforex :


Good day at Billionforex !

Now I am realy fed up with Leon, my supposed manager at Billionforex !

In December 2020, after my debacle with the previous 'manager' Stefan, he call me on Whatsapp and promised to reapair the situation with my blocked account. I should deposit additional 500 € to my account and Billionforex will deposit 500€ too. In this way that credit of 1000 €, which IS STILL in my account, willbe withdrawn and I could freely withdraw money regularly for my expenses in the vacation I am still in.

I did my part, and additional 500 € were deposited to my account 4248670 at Billionforex.

This happened on December 15 !

Now we are 2 MONTHS later, and I can not get an answer from Leon WHEN FINALLY that stupid credit will disappear from my account and I can FINALLY withdraw money to pay my vacation ! (instead I had to ask my 82 year old mother to send me money!!!!)

This affair with my 'managers', first Stefan and now Leon, are an utter DISASTER !

Yesterday I wrote a message to Leon to finally folow up his PROMISES >> NO ANSWER !!!!


If this matter is not solved by Billionforex IMMEDEATELY, I have no choice but go to police and demand an investigation for Billionforex !

This behavior by Billionforex is not like of a legitimate company, but like SCAMMERS !

I wish no calls from Leon, but an written letter and at least a call from a true manager at Billionforex !

Account 4248670


NO ANSWER from Billionforex !

I repeated my demand 5 days later, Febr. 16. > NO ANSWER

As I announced in my email, I wrote all down for German police to start an investigation on Billionforex !