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Binary International to offer Forex Trading?


Hi Forum Members,

I was chatting with Curt Dalton at ITM Financial about binary brokers and forex trading. He told me that more and more binary brokers are offering forex trading and expanding into the forex market? Does anyone have any experience with a binary broker who started out as a binary broker and then added forex trading? How are the spreads and customer support?

It seems like a natural fit because my team has about 8 accounts with Binary International and we trade binary options there. I thought they could offer competitive spreads but Curt was unsure if Binary International was going to offer forex trading. He said ITM Financial actually has to run a lot of the support for them since 9 out 10 support tickets relate to how to use their indicators and software installs. He said other agreements with brokers that ITM has like 24option and BeeOption, they don't do as much support and software installs.

So, does anyone have any spread advice on how binary brokers stack up verse straight forex brokers? How about customer support on stuff like software or indicators?

I am curious, because if Binary International doesn't offer forex I am switch our team to a broker that does both.