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Binary Option broker Scam Alert--- Expert Option

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by tianbaoxu, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. tianbaoxu

    tianbaoxu Recruit

    Sep 12, 2017
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    Hello, every one in the forums.

    Just open a thread about an expierence

    with one scamming binary option broker,

    Expert Option. Be careful, highly

    warning---do not trade with them.

    When customer win profit then withdraw,

    they refuse to pay (close your account

    and fool you with the contrived reason

    that you are against their terms and

    policy violation).Furthermore, Expert

    Option cut customer's trading asset

    profit from 90% down to 40% around if

    customer continue winning. (see

    screenshot pic 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ) 1.1. 1.2. 1.3.

    All my expeience story is simply as


    I depsosit 255ussd and trade my account

    up to 896.27 usd in broker Expert

    Option, then I withdraw 770usd on

    30th,Aug, In Expert Option software

    withdraw page,it was written that

    "withdrawal requests are processed

    within 2 working days " . but untill

    now (13th,Sep),I do not receive my

    withdraw 770usd. (see screenshot pic

    2.1) 2.1.

    I email them for help,but all the email

    customer support and live customer

    support reply are almost same: "Your

    withdraw case is under review, be

    patient and you will receive the

    withdrawal payment "SOON","VERY

    SOON".... Financial department is


    Then finally on 8th,Sep, Expert Option

    email me that my withdrawal request at

    ExpertOption (36634) from 30-08-2017

    15:07:23 of the amount $ 770.00 has

    been declined. The reason is account

    closed.(see screenshot pic 2.2) 2.1.

    Then I email to ask what's the reason

    for close my account, they email reply

    "Your account at ExpertOption has been

    closed due to Terms and conditions

    violation. This also prohibits new

    account registrations - all the newly

    created accounts will be closed as

    Your deposit has been returned back to

    the same payment account and system as

    was used to deposit funds. Funds should

    be credited to your account within

    several days, depending on the payment

    method. ". (see screenshot pic 2.3) 2.2.

    For the issue of my violation their

    terms and policy, I send email to let

    them provide in details which Terms and

    conditions violation that was writen

    and listed in Expert OPtion website

    therein, thet did not reply me

    back.It's an excuse to refuse paying

    customer with contrived reason that you

    are against their terms and policy

    violation.If it's the fact, Expert

    Option should provide the details of

    terms and policy violation which writen

    in and listed on their website therein.

    Furthermore, the issue of my

    deposition 255usd returning back. from

    Sep 8th to now ( the early of Sep

    12th), they say they had already paid

    my deposition back,and the reason that

    I do not receive is due to my payment

    method processing speed. As all knows,

    Webmoney payment speed is instant. If

    Expert Option webmoney were sent

    depostion 255usd money to me, my

    webmoney should receive it in less than

    1minite after their sending. I sent

    emial to ask for one screenshot pic

    that Expert Option webmoney transfer

    money to my webmoney(wmz-Z225208694970

    ), they did not reply me again.(see

    screenshot pic 2.4). 2.4. After I email them

    that I will open reporting scamming

    thread on famous binary option forums,

    then they change their attitude and

    reply "We are working on your request.

    As soon as we will get conformation

    from our Finance department we will

    notify you.
    ", (see screenshot pic 2.5). 2.5. If their

    former email "payment on our end is

    done" is real, why this email "get

    conformation from our Finance

    department", it's obvious Expert Option

    is liar ! Finally on the late 12th,Sep,

    I received my depostion 255usd back in

    my webmoney. If I do not tell them

    about the scamming thread, they will

    delay the depostion payment as long as

    you give up.

    All after all, I hardly got my

    depositon 255usd back.To charge back my

    account balance 641.27usd,(896.27-

    255=641.27), the only useful action is

    to publish threads in famous bianry

    option forums so that more and more

    traders know the fact--- Expert Option

    ,it is scamming binary option broker,

    . Be careful, highly warning---do not

    trade with them.

    Tianbao Xu

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  2. FxMaster

    FxMaster Lt. Colonel

    Oct 17, 2011
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    Few steps that you must follow to draw their attention to your issue,
    Follow the suggested steps below:
    Invite them to join this thread via email (Send an email to every possible address).
    Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat
    You will find their email and address here https://expertoption.com/company/about

    Also, Share your story as a review here http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/13150/expertoption-binary-brokers

    You can also share your story on their social media pages mentioned below:



  3. Babiesph

    Babiesph Recruit

    Sep 30, 2017
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    i was scammed too, they wont let me withdraw because of bonus..i told them they can deduct bonus from my account but they wont and force you to trade till youre 0

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