Binary Options Company Owner Death Threat


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I wanted to share my experiences with Porter Finance and Grey Mountain Management, respectively. I started trading binary options with Porter Finance in March, 2016. Porter Finance was a White Label Solution by Grey Mountain Management which is at least partly physically located in Ireland. I did my due diligence on the internet regarding Porter Finance and everything looked great!! All of the reviews for Porter Finance were wonderful, but the one thing that I did not know was that through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), these binary option owners can put the “Great” pages up front and the “Hey, this is a scam” pages 4 or 5 pages down in the search. They bank on no one going past the first 2 or 3 pages in searching for anything bad on their binary options company. They got me and I am a very smart individual. I had to sell this idea to my wife in order to start trading.

I deposited $300.00 to start an account with Porter Finance in March, 2016. Not more than a few minutes later, a man by the name of “Tom Freeman” called me to tell me that he would be my “broker” if I would deposit more money into my account. At the $25,000.00 account level, the client gets their own, 1 on 1 “broker”, I would not be working with different “brokers”. I agreed to this and deposited $25,000.00 more to bring my account to $25,300.00. “Tom” and I discussed the $15,000.00 bonus and I went ahead and decided it was a great idea to grow my account faster as it took my account balance up to $40,300.00. I was advised that I would have to trade 40 times the bonus amount before I could withdrawal any profit. “Tom” advised that this only takes 3 to 4 months from his experience. This was $600k to trade from my account before I could withdrawal any money at all. After several weeks of trading, only one time a week, it was going to take about a year in order to trade that $600k, not the 3 to 4 months which he told me.

I kept a running spreadsheet of the trades and dollar amounts traded. We were doing well for about a month, 4 weeks of trading and we were right on target of increasing my account 5% per trading session. This is when things changed in a HUGE way. My experience is probably going to be different than most people. I decided to do some OTC trading from Friday 4/29/2016 into the morning of Saturday 4/30/2016 when no markets are open. During my own trading, I started off with very small $5.00 to $10.00 trades to see if I could figure out how to trade as I was totally new to this kind of trading. As time went on, I found a trend with the USDJPY pair in which I was placing as many trades as possible, up to 10 per minute, if not more. This trading pair did nothing but go up during my trading time. This is why I was trading so much. In 90 minutes, with so many trades (most up to $12,500.00 at a time), I turned what was in my account into $2.8 million. I had “won” 401 of the 410 trades that I placed in that 90 minutes. Yay!!! This is life changing money. I woke my wife up to tell her, she told me to get my laptop to show her what my account balance was. When she saw that $2.8 million, we both almost couldn’t fall asleep. happened. Yes, Porter Finance canceled all of my trades and even took my account down past my total deposits of $25,300.00. Oh no, this WAS NOT GOING TO STAND. Me being the bulldog that I am, over the next few weeks I hounded the living daylights out of them. They agreed to return all of my “investment capital” as I requested and I received it all back because they got sick and tired of hearing from me. This was something different from most everyone as well since most, if not all, binary option companies almost always keep and steal their “client’s” money.

After Porter Finance canceled my trades, I filed a complaint with every single regulatory agency to which I found to complain. I found Porter Finance’s servers in Luxembourg, filed a complaint and received a response, “We are not competent to research this issue.” This was them basically saying that nothing happened on servers in their country. I complained to the FCA, the ISA, the High Court of Ireland and called the Guarda in Ireland as well with no response. I got so frustrated with no movement on anything at all, I finally decided to email the ISA Head Hauser in Israel and copied in as many of the players as I could remember. GMM people, Porter Finance people, Panda Trading Systems (the trading platform for Porter Finance). Oh, did I mention that the Prime Minister’s Office (Benjamin Netanyahu) was copied in as well. After several emails to them, I stopped getting the “We have received your email and we will get back to you as soon as we can” boilerplate email. I guess they blocked my email address and didn’t want to hear back from me. Maybe a new round of emails is in order with a new email address? I have been interviewed by three different publications and have had three articles written about my experiences. All interviews were in depth and with very credible reporters.

So now comes the issue with my $2.8 million in canceled trades. I think this was one of the two reasons why I recieved my “investment capital” back, the high dollar amount in trades and the fact that I hounded the living daylights out of them. While hounding Porter Finance through “Chat Sessions”, emails and calling, I kept getting 4 or 5 different answers as to why my trades were canceled. This is when I found the phone number for Grey Mountain Management (aka GMM going forward), who I thought owned Porter Finance (which I later confirmed to be true) and I called them and a Danielle Earle answered the phone. I talked to her about helping me with Porter Finance and how I had been treated by them. She advised me that GMM was like a Microsoft and only provided software to companies for them to help them in their binary trading. Our conversation involved the $2.8 million in canceled trades by Porter Finance and she said that she would contact Porter Finance since I was hounding her a little bit and she didn’t want to have any of it at all. This is when the “fun” began with GMM. I received an email from Danielle at one time...boy was that a mistake on her part. I live in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States. Ireland is 5 hours ahead of me. Yes, you can guess it. At 3 am I would make an international call to Danielle just to take up her time and keep complaining with her about Porter Finance. One time she was so mad at me that she even forwarded me to the “Fraud and Risk Department” with Porter Finance. There was no such “department”. Boy was I ripped a new one!! The male creature that I talked to there was the most vile and evil person that I have ever talked to over the phone. The way I was treated severely ticked me off and only drove me to re-double my efforts with hounding both Porter Finance and GMM. While doing this, I found the Forex Peace Army (FPA) site and filed a complaint against both Porter Finance and GMM which turned into a Trader’s Court Case against them both. Porter Finance and GMM were found guilty, surprise, right?

While working with the FPA, I was taught so much about the binary options fraud issue by four veterans, AsstModerator, Pharaoh Scrimpycoot, and Oscarra. By teaching me how to do things, I have been able to help others and do a much better job at "attacking" binary option firms which are fraudulent and just stealing people's money. As quickly as I was finding them, they were scrubbing their name off of their binary option company sites. This was a cat and mouse game at this time...all the while I was STILL hounding the living daylights out of both Porter Finance and GMM.

While doing all of this research work, I think I became the de facto “expert” on GMM and anything that was GMM related. I received so many contacts and gave each and every one of them Danielle Earle’s telephone number and email address. This information was already available in an open forum, so I saved everyone the trouble of trying to find it. This went on for about a year and she received so many calls and emails from so many people who I forwarded to her, Danielle told one of them, “Whoever is telling everyone my name, phone number and email address should be shot!” Let’s be clear here, I was the BIGGEST thorn in GMM’s and Danielle’s side and her comment was definitely pointed in my direction. GMM was actively reading the FPA site so they knew what I was doing and knew that I had published all of the ways to contact Danielle. I had a reputation there where one time when the Porter Finance representative did not put his phone on hold and asked the guy next to him if he was allowed to just “hang up on me”. They knew who I was and am, the biggest jerk that they have ever come across. I am an extremely nice and intelligent person and do the best I can to help others out. Once you cross me...I turn into a pit bull and don’t stop. Remember, I hounded them to get to the point of receiving my “investment capital” back. With all of the hounding that I was doing with both Porter Finance and GMM, I was hoping that my grinding them would get them to throw their hands up and say, “For the love of Pete, I am getting so tired of this guy, send him the money already!!” Well, that never happened and now GMM is in liquidation in Ireland and I am doing my best to stop that from happening as I know who the owner is now because he had to put his name on the “Wind Up” request in Ireland. I am still watching how things are going to see how things work out, if the High Court of Ireland and the Liquidators allow this to go through when the owner actually has millions in laundered money all over the world.


This went on for about a year and she received so many calls and emails from so many people who I forwarded to her, Danielle told one of them, “Whoever is telling everyone my name, phone number and email address should be shot!

I wonder how many broker employees and Ponzi scheme promoters have said the same thing about me? :D

Welcome to the "I annoy scammers enough to be threatened with violence" club. It takes hard work and dedication to qualify. Keep up the good work!


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Now off to to mess with them there.

I am trying to find out if GMM was Wound Up by the Irish government or not. Megacharge is GMM on steroids.

Do I get a Gold Star or Badge of Honor now? Lol. :rolleyes:


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LOL, you've broken the hive, @mbreitfelder.
I suppose you've done a great job because in most cases, IT companies usually charge for royalties. In other words, they also receive a part of your own funds which means they are involved in the scam scheme as well!
I would do the same :mad:


We have to be thankful for organisations just like FPA.

In all cases every client should do their due diligence first and check with regulators before using a trading firm.
I think it's easier to trade with firms within your country so if anything goes wrong they are easier to track.

For Rex

In many aspects one of the most interesting pieces to read not only on FPA. I think you have many talents mbreitfelder. The most obvious is you can trade successfully by using an edge and I am sure you could repeat to achieve profits like this by using an honest forex broker. If I were in your shoes I would devote at least some of my time and energy to repeat the success you already had but that was stolen from you.

Another talent is you can write in a very entertaining yet precise and straightforward way. I’m sure you could survive as writer, journalist, blogger whatever.

Very good is your talent for hounding someone like a Pitbull. Imo this qualifies you as personnel manager, director, something like this. If more people would react like you after being defrauded the scammers would have a harder job to steal money from their unsuspecting victims.


Keep up the good work @mbreitfelder, if scammers like GMM want to shoot you for exposing them, then you are doing a commendable and honorable job.
I get it - they use this Irish liquidity provider:

Irish liquidity provider.jpg

Unfortunately since all gains are hypothetical, while all losses are real (with the help of the so called 1-1 "broker"),
it would be impossible for GMM to cover any portion of your winning positions.
This is what the CFTC refers to as an "offline exchange", since in reality scam brokers like GMM have no real exposure nor connection to any real or live markets.