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Discuss BinaryBook.com

General discussions of a financial company

I open i acount with Binarybook.com thru a autotrader recomended by michael freeman. The autoader same as mosthly autotrader
not working properley. So i stoped the autotrader i order withdraval. First they insist they want too talk too me before i could make withdraval i explain for them i can not talk. Anythae they apporeved the withdraval 216 dollar only.

Instead of deposit too my creditcard they make a withdraval of 216 the 216 usd are my payment.usd on may 9 on may 12 i got a deposit on 216 usd.

Now Binarybook.com mean they have paid me. In fact they paid me with the money they get on may 9 from me. Soo they still own me 216 usd. I can not charge back the 216 usd Netteller saying they already get the 216 usd. Problem are Binarybook.com means
the 216 usd netteller charge back are my payment. Soo nthey paid me with the money they stole from me.

Very very vise boys
I just only attacht the receipt from netteller


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