Binaryoptionsxposed offered an Auto trading system.I deposited 5500 eur in a broker (suggested by them) that is the same owner Kristian jacobs of Binaryoptionxposed,and they were supposed to trade it giving to me the password every friday to check my account.

Binaryoptionsxposed required a deposit of 5500 eur on their broker and they gave me a bonus of 5500 so I had a total of 11000$.They were suppose to trade my account from 3 to 6 times each week with an ammount of 500$ for each investement.The were supposed to give me the password every friday to check my account Somewone cald Carol Baker must give me the password every friday.In the beginning everything went well.
My account grew to about 26000 eur.

But when somewhone from the skype group i was in wanted to withdraw is money the problems began.

CArol Baker give the wrong acces code and i was not able to see my account balans. I tried to contact them from the chat on and they told that somewhone wil get in touch with me that was all lies.

now i am banned from skype and chat.

i lost about 5500 eur;

Sometime ago i signed in for e signal service at I made e deposit for about 5500 eur. they give me binary options signals . therefore i must login with e skype ide .
Somewone called Carol Baker askt me if i wanted to sign in on e autotrading system. i signed in and my money was trasfered to another account with .They give me e bonus for 5500 euro that i did not ask for.

That automated system traded my account and every friday i getting e password so i can see the balans on my account. In the beginning my account grew to 26000 eur.

the problems began when somewone from the group wanted to withdraw money. They give the wrong password and after that the banned me from the chat.

When i wanted to contact binaryoptionxposed they told me that somewhone will get touch mith me. that never happend. after that they also banned me from the live chat also.

Now the bankoption site is off line.

I lost about 5500 eur