, revolutionised the way they loot money people's money with binary markets


I paid $37 to , they said they can auto trade binary options on

So, i deposited $200 in traderush and gave them the email id of traderush account and thats it...they started trading and made me to loose entire deposit...they did not leave untill i lost every penny...

Consecutive looses back to back, said they never risk more than 2.5% on account but its actually 100%... when i contacted them they asked me to deposit more money and asked me to give them some time to make profit trades..

Let me tell you the SCAM part:

when i deposited $200 and have an option to trade from $ $10 is being least , i selected it and then it made 3 profit trades initially and then followed by all losses .... i increased the lot to 0.30 0.50 0.40 , i'm loosing only because i increased the lot size...

The autotrading feature itself is a big scam.

In forex we have mt4 platforms and we any one can auto trade, but in binary there are no systems to auto trade, binary itself is unregulated business and auto trading is a big lie..

these guys run a perfect math on accounts so that they themselves and trade rush make money by making us loose....All the statements made by them are completely false..


anyways, in the website of binaryturbo, they said they will issue $100+ refund of fee if i cant make money and I did not make money and lost all of it....

I asked them for $100 and they said there is no such promise made ...i gave them all the proof and still they are not giving me the $100 which they promised on website....

After some research i found that they have flaunted multiple websites, all claiming to make money on binary... this is a huge scam, they have found the perfect loophole to make money...

check this link of their support department :

look at the number of websites they have... all the options are actually websites .... they have mastered the tricks to SCAM peope


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What was the payments processor you used to buy Binary turbo? Contact them and send that screenshot promising the $100.
There are some serious flaws here.

There is no such thing as auto-trading with these 'new age' binary options brokers
It seems more like they login to your account and trade on your behalf. If the broker discovers this, its easy for them to cite their terms and conditions and block your account. And this is something that is normal across all brokers and other online services too. Sharing your login details is a big NO NO.

Looks like people continue to fall for the 'get rich quick' scams.. little wonder. If there's a market, there are sure to be wolves around trying to get their chunk of the meat.
First ask you cc company to charge back. After you get your money back, don't use it for any "magical" signal provider!