BINOMO a SCAM broker working with the help of ecommpay and finacom!


Dear Mr. Waldmann,

We are very sorry that you are dissatisfied with the closing of your account with us, however after a detailed analysis of your complaint, we have come to the final conclusion that your complaint is unfounded.

Your account was closed on March 5, 2020, due to the violation of the clauses of the Term of Agreement, in particular items 4.9, 5.19 and 10.13.

We reached this conclusion according to the detection carried out by our automated anti-fraud system, which indicated several user accounts related to you, in addition to your current closed account and also the old blocked account, this conduct being strictly prohibited and was applied as described in 5.19 of the contract, which we transcribe below:

5.19. In cases where the Company's Security Service suspects the Client of fraud or deception, the Company has the right to block the Client's Account without prior notice and without the possibility of Withdrawing Funds in the amount of actual damage caused by the actions of the Client to the Company, as well as the profits that the Client received as a result of the fraud or deception.

We also want to emphasize here that all withdrawals requested on the platform before the date of March 5, 2020 were duly paid, according to the proof you attached.

In the email you received from the International Financial Commission (, the Commission did not point to any irregularity in our procedure, pointing out that there is no problem with respect to withdrawals, trading or services provided prior to 05 March 2020 and not finding any irregular procedure on our part in relation to closing the account.

In addition to the opinion of the International Financial Commission, also Ecommpay conducted an independent assessment of the situation. Despite the decision of the past, they confirmed the validity of our current decision.

We are very sorry about this situation, we count on your understanding regarding this matter and our final decision


Binomo's Compliance Department

A victory here in my country, is prohibited from publicizing its scam site here, in addition it will have a daily fine to be paid if it continues to do so, in addition to the exposure of the company that had not passed any credibility.

I warned you that I wouldn't leave you alone!

CVM DECLARATORY ACT No. 17942, OF JUNE 29, 2020.

OF THE SECURITIES COMMISSION makes public that, on this date, in the
use of the competence delegated to it by CVM Deliberation No. 591, of 11
August 2009, and based on article 9, paragraph 1, items III and IV, combined
with articles 15 and 16 of Law 6,385, of December 7, 1976, and

A. the existence of evidence that the company DOLPHIN CORP.,
responsible for a platform called BINOMO, captures customers
residents in Brazil for carrying out securities transactions, in accordance with
especially in the so-called Forex market (Foreign Exchange), by various means,
including the page “” on the world wide web;

B. Forex market transactions involve trading with peers
foreign currencies, revealing the existence of financial instruments by
through which exchange rates are traded;
ç. the aforementioned characteristics conform to the definition of a contract
derivative and, consequently, to the legal concept of security, as
provided for in item VIII of art. 2nd of Law 6,385, of December 7, 1976;


I - the participants in the securities market and the general public that the
mentioned company is not authorized by this Municipality to attract customers
residents in Brazil, for not integrating the distribution system provided for in art. 15
of Law No. 6,385, of 1976, and determines the immediate suspension of the
any public offering of investment opportunities in the so-called
Forex market, directly or indirectly, through the mentioned page or
any other form of connection to the world wide web, alerting
that failure to comply with this determination will result in the imposition of a fine
daily fee, in the amount of R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais), without prejudice to
accountability for infractions already committed before the publication of this Act
Declaratory, with the imposition of the appropriate penalty, pursuant to art. 11 of the Law
6,385, of 1976, after the regular administrative sanctioning process; and
II - that this Declaratory Act takes effect on the date of its publication in the Diário
Union official.