Bitcoin Analysis

Good morning all, good day to report on Bitcoin today. If you look back on my analysis I had that circle on the trend line drawn up well over a month ago at start of last Dec. As we can see price has touched it perfectly, you can call me mystic mac :) haha. On a serious note, we have hit TP zone for our intraday sell for 1:4 R:R 10,000 pips. Price broke below 40K but wicked right out and closed above trend line . That for me was the signal to buy, so I have entered a position on the daily close of that candle. Now is the hard part to HOLD. Will we see new highs this year? I'm aiming for previous high's one supply zone at a time. Hope you managed to follow. GLIYF
Looks to have rejected for now but now with those relatively equal lows it has created I see it as a target to drive price below it. On one hand as a holder I want to see price increase of course but also wouldn't mind seeing it drop a bit to fill my bags more.
Morning all, checking back on Bitcoin today. Still holding my buy position, and currently in small profits of 1K pips, which on Bitcoin is not a huge amount. But I think the bottom is forming here at 40K. Over the next few days/weeks will be a huge factor. We need the trend line to hold and wait for the moving average to catch up with price and then start trading above it. Could do with a higher low being created to start the next trend off. If you followed keep holding and keep watch over the next couple of weeks. As long as this demand zone holds we're looking good. GLIYF
Good morning all, is it time for Bitcoin to pop? Price has been VERY stale in movement since i took the buy position. but i believe in the setup. We got our TP in the sell and now the market is getting squeezed into a corner. Currently sitting around entry area. The direction of the next mover is soon upon us. Will we see a break upwards? Or will we see a break below. What's your suggestion, let me know below? GLIYF
Really not what I wanted to see as a HODLer. Think we are heading down and will break through. Not the impulse move I was hoping for.
Agreed, all signs are looking like a drop is coming. That downtrend is worrying for the buyers