Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread


Nice analysis! I hope we get that push up the the major 10,500 resistance. I think I’ll take profit around there and look to re-buy the dip from there if that happens


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Hi all. Kind a long time no see from me but this time you`ve got to excuse me again. I`m not in a mood for some big charting so i`ll be short and share with you the actual weekly chart from the last time plus some new Stock to flow model.

Actual situation (chart 1).
  • Support and resistance:
  • Support:
  • 1st support - $8500 - 50% Fibo and VPVR profile
  • 2nd support - $7800
  • Resistance:
  • 1st resistance - $9500-9800
  • 2nd resistance - $10500 – that will be a MAJOR resistance not only for the mid-term but also in a long-term, on the way to the next ATH like mentioned above.
  • Weekly pivot point is $9278.15.
  • 50 SMA is below the price for now.
  • 21 EMA is below the price for now.
  • We`re very close to a bullish cross between 21EMA and 50SMA but let`s wait for confirmation.
  • Whole this week candle is above the symmetrical triangle. Very positive sign.
As a conclusion i`m expecting a positive next week.

New Stock to flow model. (chart 2).

With the actual money printing and very possible inflation and even hyperinflation the future BTC price can reach $100k, $1mil. and more. But what will be the purchase power of this $100k or $1mil.? I think that`s the big question. Unlike the FIAT, Gold is gold. No matter now, before 100 of years or after 100 of years. That`s why the latest BTC vs Gold Stock to flow model is getting more important. Just check the chart.

That`s all for now.
See ya next time.


Great analysis again! Hoping to see another rally and pop at that pesky $10500 resistance level this week