Bloombex- options took all my money


What Lanskey showed the Casinos and Bookmakers was that you could still make a huge Profit, but not by being dishonest with your Customers. There were many starts and stops before it was finally legalised but he showed them how it was done. Binary Options has the advantage of being legal when it started - so there wasn't the inevitable Market Force that might have been illegal like Gambling was - or even Booze during the Volstead Act (both of which are now legal). I think Binary Options is a form of democratisation of something that only an elite of Investors once had access to, so maybe we'll reach somewhere where things like this don't happen anymore!

Until then instances of the Sale of Goods and Trades Descriptions Acts probably apply (*misleading Reviews etc) and even the **Consumer Credit Act.

* = When a Reviewer shows a Trading Program using a regulated Broker - while others signing up end up with unregulated ones for example. After all would you go into a Bank to open an Account with a Loan Shark?

The FCA regard Binary Options as gambling - but you wouldn't want a Crap Table Croupier swapping the Dice at the last moment would you! How would you feel if a Casino Boss told you they'd pay you in increments or not at all?

** = When you get the instant Phone Call wanting your Deposit before ever seeing their Terms and Conditions - particularly when it comes to Withdrawals. Some say you can't withdraw anything for 30 days. Even Credit Companies now have a 2 Week cooling off Period where you can cancel the Loan, and another 16 days.


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Update to my case. I have nothing back. They robbed me out of 40K. Lawyers have sent multiple letters to no avail. Several agencies have been contacted with all documentation and investigation has begun. We are also contacting FBI as well.