Blueberry Markets are Market Makers SCAMMERs (they are EightCAP in disguise)


Maybe you can complain to the DFSA.

I recently contacted Blueberry Markets to ask if I can open an account as a Canadian resident and they said that I can. They should have told me that I can't if Blueberry Markets is not registered and regulated in Canada. They explained to me that I will be registered offshore, but that is also sketchy. Vantage FX also registered Canadian residents offshore and they got in big trouble.

Hi Cash Money Man,

Thanks a lot for your support and advice.

I fully agree with you that when you sign up to these scammers @Blueberry_Markets they will take you with open arms regardless of which side of the planets you’re in - which is wrong; they should be transparent as which jurisdiction their license to operate covers.

I have taken your advice and have made a formal complaint to the DFSA; so they will soon be in contact with those @Blueberry_Markets scammers for them to answer. The funny thing is that I think they are trying to establish an entity here (Dubai) in order to operate or have an address here. I will ensure that their tactics are known to the authorities here so these @Blueberry_Markets scammers stop their ways.

Thanks again


I have been monitoring spreads for some time now from the major brokers and Blueberry Markets via the MyFXBook spread which draws data from clients MT4 platform to show current spreads and for the life of me, I am struggling to see how they are scammers. The spreads are in line with most other brokers and I find it hard to believe that Blueberry Markets would risk there ASIC licence by widening the spreads.

I will screenshot Blueberry Markets spreads on MyFXBook website along with a few other Forex brokers..

The underwriter is EightCap and Blueberry Markets does not hide the fact that this is the case. This has been highlighted in this thread. I have spoken to numerous people on their thoughts on Blueberry Markets and I have only heard positive feedback. I have accounts with Pepperstone, EightCap, Blueberry Markets, ICMarkets, Global Prime and GoMarkets which all of them seem fairly tight spreads throughout the main trading hours but between 5PM - 6PM ET the spreads widen considerably which is understandable as the US liquidity provides are winding up there positions for the next trading day.