Blueberry Markets are Market Makers SCAMMERs (they are EightCAP in disguise)


Maybe you can complain to the DFSA.

I recently contacted Blueberry Markets to ask if I can open an account as a Canadian resident and they said that I can. They should have told me that I can't if Blueberry Markets is not registered and regulated in Canada. They explained to me that I will be registered offshore, but that is also sketchy. Vantage FX also registered Canadian residents offshore and they got in big trouble.

Hi Cash Money Man,

Thanks a lot for your support and advice.

I fully agree with you that when you sign up to these scammers @Blueberry_Markets they will take you with open arms regardless of which side of the planets you’re in - which is wrong; they should be transparent as which jurisdiction their license to operate covers.

I have taken your advice and have made a formal complaint to the DFSA; so they will soon be in contact with those @Blueberry_Markets scammers for them to answer. The funny thing is that I think they are trying to establish an entity here (Dubai) in order to operate or have an address here. I will ensure that their tactics are known to the authorities here so these @Blueberry_Markets scammers stop their ways.

Thanks again