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Problem blueberrymarkets.com scammed my $44000 with manipulated trade execution

I am having an issue with a company
Looks like you risked too much and you got spiked out with bit slippage imo.
I agree I risked too much but have you seen the journal log there is no price change they made a spike internally

When Market reached higher then TP price and market-moving higher then how I will get negative slippage have you seen attached screenshot where price moving higher then TP price ?

In my isseu Trade execution delay is not a main issue

main issue is price manipulation when they show price quotation of (33560.97000 / 33562.37000) and they execute my trade @33570.14000 mean they execute my trade 7.77 points higher then they show price in mt4

Mean they show different price and execute a trade with the different prices so How can we trade on that?

this is my main issue and I am fighting for this issue they told me they didn't do anything like that.
I watched your videos and I agree that they manipulated the spread very unethically.

Guys, watch his videos uploaded.
The spread imediately changed from 100 to 1000 when he clicked to close a position.

This is a very unethical, brutal manipulation.
Unbelievable. Cant believe they are this evil.
I have uploaded Lp's Log they sent me

You can see there is only One LP (INVAST FINANCIAL SERVICES PTY LTD) where all trade is executed But they claimed they have Aggregate price with multiple LPs and gives us the best Spread and deep liquidity but they don't have liquidity of 1.00 lot @same price which they shows in MT4

You can see in the attached screenshot I have closed @market price 30 lot XAUUSD they shows the price in MT4 (1899.22000 / 1899.32000) they can't execute 1.00 lot quoted price 1899.22

All Filed position you can see only in INVAST FINANCIA Lp execute my all trades Mean they don't have multiple liquidity providers

I suspect INVAST FINANCIAL SERVICES PTY LTD is also a partner of this scammer.



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Hi All,

Here we go again, the same issue that all of us have been screaming about for the past year or so. The scammer @Blueberry_Markets keep on doing this over and over again to traders. They only do this once your account balance reaches a threshold of money that their tactics start increasingly aggressive to make you lose your money. I never had a problem with them until my account reached above 40,000 USD as well. Sorry to hear of your loss @ppfourx and rest assured that they did everything on purpose to take that money of yours to their balance sheet.

They lure people with Amazon gift vouchers for good reviews and only mess around with people with big accounts and worst if your account is making money.

On their website, it shows that the spread for US30 is currently 154. I understand that the spread can vary when you try to open or close a position during a high impact news event or after the market closes and the liquidity is thinner.


If you chat with the representatives on their website, they may show you a picture of a woman.


It is possible that this picture was generated by artificial intelligence.


If I deposit funds with this company or any other regulated Forex broker, then I think that building trust is important. Displaying a fake picture is not very trustworthy in my opinion and it is shady. I feel more comfortable doing business with a company whose representatives use real names and real pictures.
On their website, it shows that the spread for US30 is currently 154. I understand that the spread can vary when you try to open or close a position during a high impact news event or after the market closes and the liquidity is thinner.

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@old_long_johnson They shows 154 spread mean 1.54 points spread but they executed my trades with 700 (7 points) higher than they shows spread

I know in low volume market spread widen But I traded in European session where full of liquidity and 154(1.57 point ) spread when I place a trade or try to close a trade there spread automatically widen

I have attached a video clip of their platform where I try to close a trade that time they make a spike in price and spread check this video so you can understand what they are doing.


  • when I click on close order spread becomes 1000(10 points) (1).mp4
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