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Problem blueberrymarkets.com scammed my $44000 with manipulated trade execution

I am having an issue with a company
check this video when i try to open new trade that time they made spike in spread and price after that price and spread both back to normal
check this video when i try to open new trade that time they made spike in spread and price after that price and spread both back to normal


  • when I click open order spread becomes 900.mp4
    4.5 MB
@old_long_johnson They shows 154 spread mean 1.54 points spread but they executed my trades with 700 (7 points) higher than they shows spread

I know in low volume market spread widen But I traded in European session where full of liquidity and 154(1.57 point ) spread when I place a trade or try to close a trade there spread automatically widen

I have attached a video clip of their platform where I try to close a trade that time they make a spike in price and spread check this video so you can understand what they are doing.

Yea, that does look suspicious. A good broker would execute the order almost instantly, without widening the spread.

I also think that some brokers try to prevent the trader from scalping or using expert advisors for latency arbitrage. They don't want to process large orders quickly. That is why the spread widens or the trading platform can freeze.
To @FPA Forums Team please jump into this matter and put this broker on the scammer list as soon as possible

So we can prevent new traders from being victims of this scam.
I've sent many people here but they are not convinced, i suggest you move this video to your first post since it's very convincing and not disputable IMHO.
How can I move this video in the first post? I can't edit my post by myself
Hard luck it may have been the large position however blueberry Markets should have a representative here to explain themselves accordingly
I would like to understand how a broker has "deep liquidity", but the spread widens when big lots are being traded.
They make people fool with sowing aggregators and claim deep liquidity they only think about how to distract profitable trades to losing trade

I will show you their liquidity Trade log here which shows they don't have enough liquidity to execute 1.0 Lot of XAUUSD on same price which they shows in MT4

In attached screenshot they shows 1910.06 price for XAUUSD Buy but they can't execute 100 ounce for same price then how we can see they have deep liqudity ?