BMFN and MM scam !


I Started last January to look for good broker and money manger, then I've decided to invest 10k $ with BMFN through MM that have certification from them. He made 70 % profit in first month then I added to the account another 10K, then he made a profit of about 40% in the month after. Then one day I was checking to find that many trades was opened and closed at late night and in a matter of 10 minutes my account was down from 38K to 200$ !!!!!

The MM told me that he was hacked and lost money in many other accounts including his own and he has followed the IP provided from the broker by the help of ISP to internet cafe, the broker told that investigation shows the access was from IP in the same city of MM. I can see that total MM commission was about 6K and the broker has blocked it waiting for approval from me that i sorted the issue with the MM or approval from him to let me take the commission. When I asked the MM for the approval he stopped responding to me.

I think you will say that this MM scam however I am not sure since he could made this from the shared profit deal and would profit every month and if someone can make 70 % in month and share profit with me why he would do that !!

I requested the broker to provide me with IP details of the trades but they responded that this is illegal. Also they were unable to get response from MM to discuss the issue.

Finally, I asked them to release the blocked commission to me but they refused an told me that they cant help me with anything since i signed the POA and they didn't find any prove of fraud and I should had monitored my account however they know this happened in only 10 minutes using some sort of script !!!! they provide me with revoke form and they are pushing me to close the account !

Please advice I am very disappointed..


Was you account manager also your IB? In other words, did you sign up with BMFN through a link he provided, or did you open the account 100% independently of him?