There's another thread for the same scam although I was advised to make a new one here to address this particular case.

I met the scammer who appeared as lives in my city (Jasmine C.) on Tinder before moving to whatsapp, her name there is JAS MIN, she is now in Hong Kong.
After a couple weeks talking to her she convinced me to log into her BOG account and trade for her due to bad connection on her end, ofcourse i saw the profits she made which was encouraging.
Although I was still not very trusty then she have appeared on video call to thank me. She even shared photos of herself and her cooking which made me think she is genuine. She also spoke about her business trip to my city that made me believe i would meet her at some point.
She guided me through setting up Binance and an account on BOG then I transferred around $500 to trade with as a trial which made a profit of around $400, this convinced me to transfer a further $500 and now i have more than $1600 sitting in my BOG account.

Jas asked me then to recharge my account with more USDT so we can trade together at the same level, here i asked her to show me how to withdraw from BOG to test before I consider a further transfer, she helped me withdraw $300 from BOG although I realised there was a cap when i spoke with customer service, as a VIP1 level i was only able to make a single withdrawal of maximum $500, I had to pay thousands for ability to make additional withdrawals, they will hold my money for review eachtime when requesting a withdrawal so these rules can change anytime, it was not an automatic process like in Binance.

I have confronted the scammer who maintained her innocence saying she was only a trader, although she kept pushing hard for me to add more money into BOG and follow the rules.
Unfortunately at this point is when i found the details about this scam online, I have been such a naive about it and now I have around $700 remaining in my BOG account that i know i probably won't see it again in my wallet.

The scammer tried to convince me that she can recover my money and asked for my account details but I don't trust her, at the end when things didn't go her way she laughed thanking me for the $700 and having outsmarted me then ghosted on whatsapp. My $700 credit is still on BOG to date but i know this site might shut or I get kicked out any moment, so I am not hopeful in recovering it although I want to warn everybody and expose this scammer.

I have filed a report with IC3 but I got no response from them and not going to expect any.
I will add snapshots of the scammer and chat I had with her.
I realised how long the thread above is but I am unable to edit it.
I wanted to add that I live in NZ Auckland.
Attached are some files related to the thread, any ideas at all for recovery? Although I'm not very hopeful. Also where else I am able to report this scammer? I believe I just got her banned from Tinder.


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I was scammed by the same people. Back in November 2021. I'm also in NZ.


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At least it was only $700. There are people who lost $100k+ in these types of schemes.

I was scammed by the same people. Back in November 2021. I'm also in NZ.
open up a separate scam alert thread and submit evidence there