Brand new Daily insight feature!

Jarratt Davis

Special Consultant to the FPA
Hi Everyone,

Please allow me to apologise for the time between posts. I have had a lot of messages stating how helpful you are finding the fundamental analysis and trade calls that I give here.

The problem was that sometimes we could go quite a few weeks without a call, which many of you found slightly frustrating.

For this reason I am happy to announce that from tomorrow (4th September 2013) we will now be giving daily trading tips for the London session. These will be given towards the start of the session so that you have plenty of time to read and follow along if you wish.

They will not be precise trade calls, but more of a bias for the session on a particular currency that is looking ripe for a trade. Each post is designed to give you a real solid base for your trading but also help you learn to view the markets from a more fundamental point of view.

As with my previous calls, each daily tip will be updated via the thread below the original post. So if you are wondering how the trade played out etc... You can simply read through those comments to find out.

I would advise that you simply watch the tips for a few weeks until you become confident enough to then apply them to your trading. I am certain that they will provide genuine value to your daily trading routine :)

Ofcourse, All questions and comments are welcomed and I will be making a special effort to respond to each one as quickly as possible.

You will also be alerted to each post as soon as it is uploaded, So just keep an eye on your emails!

Thanks everyone :)

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thanks a lot

Hi jarat,

Thanks for coming back as i have missed your fundamental updates look to learn much more from you.


Triantus Shango

Sergeant Major
as much as it irks me to even think 'fundamental', i have to admit that i have willfully neglected it. looking forward to see if i can make some sense out of it.


Private, 1st Class
Very Excited - I have always valued your insights and analysis. Thanks Jarratt