Brett Fogle is threatening to sue the FPA to have a forums post removed


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
On Wednesday January 27th, FPA member BJF2015 (Brett Fogle) reported a post by member Shannon44 in this thread...

The report says...

"The postings this person has referenced are to websites which will be receiving a lawsuit summons in the next 30 days, as the information posted on these sites is untrue, defamatory, and damaging.

To exclude from being named in the lawsuit, please remove this posting by close of business Friday 29th.

I looked up his email address to send him this warning...

"Hello Brett,

You have threatened a lawsuit against the Forex Peace Army over content posted by a member.

The FPA has never removed 1 word while under legal threat. The FPA does not negotiate while under legal threat. The FPA considers threats of this sort to be legal blackmail designed to limit what traders are allowed to say.

Your threat has already been added to that thread.

You have until 5 PM New York time on Monday, February 1st to permanently and irrevocably lift your threat against the Forex Peace Army.

If you do not do this, I will begin taking the actions laid out in the FPA's policies for dealing with legal threats. The first one will be a new thread about this issue and a mailing to the FPA's membership.

Bill K.
FPA AsstModerator

There was no response.

I also checked my email. There was a message from Brett Fogle on September 22nd, 2015 which was forwarded to me. Brett was asking that the same thread be taken down. Part of what it said was...

"In this case however, this wasn't the case and we quickly resolved the issue the original poster had. The other comments were made by the angry wife of an ex-business partner and a contractor we fired (who was posting on other sites)."

This doesn't make sense to me, since Brett's own reply in the thread in April says...

"These are most likely the same person above, given that they both misspelled 'Lairs'"

My reply in September was...

"Hello Brett,

NAMEREMOVED forwarded your message to me.

It appears you already posted a rebuttal in the thread accusing the 2 people complaining of being the same person. Now you are saying that the initial complaint is fixed and the second person is someone else.

If the original poster's issue has been resolved, please ask that person to return to the thread and clearly state that everything is resolved. At that point, I can edit the subject line to begin with "Resolved" and move the thread from Scam Alerts to Resolved issues.

Best regards,
Bill K.

There was no response.

The timeline is...

April 16th, 2015: Brett Fogle posts and claims that FPA members Shannon44 and herbicat are likely the same person.

September 22nd, 2015: Brett Fogle emails. He claims that Shannon44's issues were quickly resolved and herbicat is the angry wife of an ex-business partner and a contracter who was fired.

January 27th, 2016: Brett Fogle says he's suing Shannon44 and will include the FPA in the lawsuit if the post isn't removed.

There's more.

Brett also reported 2 other posts and asked for them to be removed. One was Herbicat's post in the thread bellow Shannon44's post. That report said...

"This is an untrue statement and is defamatory.

We had affiliates that may have done that as a common strategy to generate search engine traffic.

Please remove.

This makes things very confused, considering the 2 stories he already told about FPA member Herbicat. In the report he admits that affiliates may have done something, but still says it's untrue and defamatory. At least he was polite.

The other post was the one by Dary here...

Brett wrote...

"There is no information on this website link and the post is derogatory and unsubstantiated. Please remove."

I find it unusual that Brett had a legal thread in a report placed in between 2 polite removal requests. His methods of asking for removal are almost as inconsistent as the claims he made about Shannon44's post.

The FPA considers legal threats to try to remove information posted my members to be nothing short of legal blackmail. Brett Fogle has earned his position here in the Scoundrel's folder.
Great job carry on the mission if someone guilty should be exposed to society to avoid frauds.
And I appreciate you for strength in this and all cases.
Bill, Thanks for championing for justice and the firmness to expose SCAM. You have every support.