Broker Alert !! Prime4x Cyprus


Dear Traders,

Please be aware of prime4x, cyprus. This broker scammed me by liquidating my positions for no reasons on 2nd june 2009, and when asked for an explanation they gave a stupid reason along with a statement of trade history for the day which shows a difference of 100 pips from the market price at that time.

I had taken positions in usd/jpy currency pair. And to my surprise I found that all my trades are getting liquidated at time 9:22 ( As per their terminal,market watch, chart and as shown in the history statement). Initially, they showed a difference of 300 pips from market, and when I immediately wrote them back seeking explanation, they rectified the statement which showed different time and price.

When I wrote them again asking about the sudden change in the statement, they didn't bother ti reply and kept on changing from time to time.

Finally, they sent one statement which shows a difference of 100 pips from the market price.

When I challenged their statement, they rectified again terminal and over live chat they said, that's the final statement for the day. I asked them to send the final statement by email, but they didn't.

I have saved more than five different history statements on 2nd june 2009, all showing different rates and time. I have taken screen shots and will be publishing here at appropriate time.

This broker doesn't even receive phone calls and when asked over live chat, its representative says that there is no phone service available at accounts department. They don't even provide any information.

On last friday, finally the accountant sent me an e-mail stating that he will investigate and reply soon. Don't know, when they will reply or can't say if they will reply.

I therefore request traders to stay away from this broker and save your money.

Also, I request FPA investigators to look into the matter and help me.